Awards and Award Winners

Finally, after thrilling hours of counting numerous numbers on rating cards and heated discussion between the jury members, we are very pround to present the Award Winners of the 22nd Hamburg International Short Film Festival. Thanks to our supporters and sponsors, we were able to raise the prize money and there are even two new prizes this year (Werkleitz-Award, ZDFdokukanal-Award).

Overall, 14 awards worth in total almost 30,000 euros were assigned for outstanding short film productions from all over the world.


A complete list of award winners as a pdf for download can be found here Award Winners 2006

International Competition

Hamburg Short Film Award

Endowed with 3000,- euros


The jury: Anna Abrahams, Dusan Gligorov, Matt Hulse, Fabrice Marquat, Anneke Kim Sarnau



o.T. (untitled) by Anna Berger

Germany 2005, 11:44 Min., Experimental Fiction


'o.T.' explores the film maker’s sense of loss and mourning using a potent combination of melancholy and humour. This is a fresh, surprising, unpredictable and thouroughly authentic film from a young film maker who demonstrates great promise, originality and integrity.


Endowed with 1500,- euros


Du Soleil En Hiver by Samuel Gollardey

France 2005, 18:43 Min., Documentary


This beautifully photographed documentary reveals, in a gentle, unselfconscious and respectful manner, the growth of a strong and genuine bond between two endearing characters and leaves a lasting, life-affirming impression.

Special Mention

À bras le corps by Katell Quillevere

France 2005, 19:00 Min., Fiction


Eletrodoméstica by Kleber Mendonça Filho

Brazil 2005, 22:00 Min., Fiction


Elukka by Tatu Pohjavirta

Finland 2005, 27:52 Min., Animation

Škoda Audience Award

1500,- euros sponsored by Škoda



Do Not Erase by Asitha Ameresekere

England 2005, 28:56 Min., Fiction

arte Short Film Award

arte Short Film Award

6000.- euros in prize money in exchange for screening rights and a broadcast in arte’s short film programme


The jury: Barbara Häbe, Rania Sid Otmane


Zoo by Salla Tykkä

Finland 2006, 12:25 Min., Experimental Fiction


A homage to the masters of suspense: the seemingly harmless stroll Sala Tykkä presents leads us to a yawning abyss. Through the use of astonishing camera angles and near-perfect, precise structuring, the film’s every image is crafted like a painting. Silent shots of animals in a zoo interchange with surprising underwater footage, and both evoke an air of unfathomable mystery, mirrored on the protagonist’s face.

'Zoo' is an aesthetic, disturbing work of art whose imagery will haunt us for quite some time.

ZDFdokukanal Award

ZDFdokukanal Award

1539,- euros in prize money in exchange for screening rights and a broadcast in the ZDFdokukanal's short film programme


The jury: Andrea Windisch, Florian Hager

Motodrom by Jörg Wagner

Germany 2005, 8:55 Min, Documentary


With his documentary ‘Motodrom’, Jörg Wagner has created an impressive homage to a vanishing fairground attraction and its heroes.

In the space of only a few minutes, ‘Motodrom’ allows its viewers to experience the entire world of wall-of-death motorcycling through its breathtaking collages of images and sound, its acute black-and-white imagery and its equally breathtaking camerawork.

With this film, the author has created a very aesthetic documentary, whose style is just as unique as the spectacle presented by its protagonists.


Special Mention


Frischluft – Matchcut by Stephan Müller

Argentina 2005, 7:30 Min, Documentary

Werkleitz Award

Werkleitz Award

The Werkleitz Award includes a grant of 2000,- euros and provides the opportunity to use equipment of the media lab worth up to 3000,- euros.


The jury: Marcie Jost, Peter Zorn, Augustin Gimel

At Night by Richard Penna

England 2006, 10:31 Min, Experimental


'At Night' shows slightly distorted images of people lying almost motionless on corridor floors and creates a dense atmosphere through the mix of sensitive, closely observed photography and virtuoso postproduction.

In a haunting way, the music by Geir Jenssen supports the dark atmosphere, which creates a number of possible associations and interpretations for the viewer.

NoBudget Competition

NoBudget Jury Award

Endowed with 2000,- euros


The jury: Gerald Holthuis, Rubaica Jaliwala, Thierry Vandenbussche

The House by the Wall by Dana Levy

Israel 2005, 5:00 Min., Experimental


The filmmaker Dana Levy makes use of digital process to freeze time and manages, in a very poetic manner to make a political statement. We see a short aesthetical journey through abandoned Palestinian territory. The recurring images that normally appear in the daily media are becoming increasingly stereotypical but the slow pace and silence of the film offers the opportunity for a focus on detail and personal reflection.


Special Mention


Kalle by Igor Sevcuk

Netherlands 2004, 20:00 Min., Experimental Documentary


Microftalmia by Andrea Robles & Adriana Bravo

Mexico 2005, 5:30 Min., Experimental


Ben Rivers for his two films The Hyrcynium Wood and

The Bomb With A Man in His Shoe

England 2005, 3:00 Min., Documentary

England 2005, 18:00 Min., Experimental Documentary

NoBudget Audience Award

Endowed with 1500,- euros


A very rare phenomenon, but it happened this year: we are happy to announce the two winners that equally share the sympathy of the audience.


Julot by Maya Tiberman

Israel 2005, 3:11 Min., Experimental Animation




Man OS 1 / extraordinateur by Roland Seidel & Achim Stiermann

Austria 2005, 13:35 Min., Computeranimation




Three-Minute-Quickie Audience Award

The winner will receive 1000,- euros



Safety Procedures by Richard Fenwick

England 2004, 2:00 Min., Computeranimation



The theme in 2006 was shaking / trembling.


Made in Germany

Creative Energy - Made in Germany

The audience award endowed with 1500,- euros is sponsored by Greenpeace Energy


Delivery by Till Nowak

Germany 2005, 9:00 Min., Animation



Made in Hamburg

Both Hanse Short Awards are sponsored by the Hamburg Cultural Foundation

Hanse Short Jury Award

Endowed with 1500,- euros


The jury: Birgit Glombitza, Hans-Jörg Kapp, Andrea Rothaug

Exploding Buds by Petra Schröder

Germany 2005, 19:52 Min., Fiction


With great technical finesse, Petra Schröder blends tropes from the fairy-tale film and the musical with set elements from coming-of-age narratives and adventure films and exhibits a keen sense for the affinity between the spaces of the stage and those of the film. This approach has resulted in a fast-paced, deliciously malicious and beautifully hysterical film with great audiovisual power. Its excellent dialogue, light-handed direction, apt use of music and especially its courageous set design make this lovely romp so enjoyable.


Special Mention


sat.land by Martin Heckmann

Germany 2006, 10:40 Min., Experimental


Three Graces by Hanna Nordholt & Fritz Steingrobe

Germany 2006, 15:10 Min., Animation


Hanse Short Audience Award

Endowed with 1500,- euros


37 Without Onions by André Erkau

Germany 2006, 15:00 Min., Fiction




Mo & Friese Children's ShortFilmFestival

For the first time, the Mo&Friese Children's ShortFilmFestival will give out two awards this year. The younger jury will choose the best film, which will receive the Friese Award from the programmes for 4 to 8 year-olds. The award for the best shortfilm from the programmes for 9 to 12 year olds, the Mo Award is sponsored by GEOlino.

Friese Award

Endowed with 1250,- euros


The jury: Lisa Bruns, Jana Kristina Hell, Leonard Mülstroh, Miriam Ahmed, Philine Paul

Charlotte’s Red by Colin McIvor

Northern Irland 2004, 15:00 Min., Fiction


It is great that in the end Charlotte convinces her father that money isn’t everything that counts. Maybe he will stop robbing paintings after all? We like the open ending because one is inspired to think about how the story might end.



Special Mention

Ønskebrønnen by Robert Næss

Norway 2005, 15:21 Min., Fiction

Mo Award

Endowed with 1250,- euros sponsored by GEOlino


The jury: Jlayda Öztürk, Malin Gütschow, Matti Musiel, Marvin Peters

Maré Capoeira by Paola Barretto Leblanc

Brazil 2005, 15:00 Min., Fiction


It is nice how the boy Maré tells his own story. The music is also great! The film is a love story, but the stories about the great-grandfather, grandfather and father were interesting. We thought the boy would win, but than he lost which moved us. The film encourages to learn capoeira.


Special Mention

Punam by Lucian Muntean

Serbia, 2005, 27:00 Min., Documentary

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