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We were somewhere around Altona, on the edge of the abandoned railway depot at Harkortstraße 125, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying something like: „What other side? How far do you want to go? Do you want to drown us both? How are we going to get back?!“


Suddenly, there was a terrible roar all around us, and the sky was full with what looked like huge bats, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, and an eerily calm voice was saying: „You wanted to know how I did it. That's how I did it. I never saved anything for the swim back.“


The Festival Club will be open each night during the festival from 10 pm. Admission is free, except Sunday, 4 June.


Wednesday, May 31 2006

DJs: Borderclash-Team (Hanna Bächer & Bettina Latak / Cologne)

Visuals: Graw Böckler (Raum für Projektion / Cologne)


Borderclash means oldschool writer’s radio at the renowned university-station „Kölncampus“. Hanna Bächer and Bettina Lattek are taking care of black urban music and it’s white hybrid forms. Their musical landscape is dotted with old and fresh releases from calypso to grime which nestle at the shores of black Atlantic, where dub-history, punk and reggae grow. The DJs raise all barriers and Coltrane moves closer to Phoenix.

Hortative loops and unauthorised commercials are delivered by music-video-directos Graw Böckler (Ursula Böckler and Georg Graw) to accompany the beats. They work with Super-8 and sequenced photos, and they have published two DVDs called „Super 8 Jahre“ and „How to“ with award-winning videos. In 2001 they founded the „Raum für Projektionen“, a locally independent platform for video-projects and a DVD-label.


More information: www.koelncampus.com and www.raumfuerprojektion.de

Thursday, June 1 2006



DJ and Visuals:Matt Hulse (Edinburgh)


An evening spent in the cheeky sonic warmth of the open-hearted and original Hoboklub is an uplifting, eventful, surprising and eccentric thing. Resistance to the unpredictable set has proven futile. We offer music you never realised you liked. And then you dance to it. We come in peace and play loud. Sweet summer is here (with a few clouds and thunder for contrast). Banjos, New Wave, yodelling, Ivor Cutler, wedding dances, Motorhead, polka, Golden Era Czech Pop, Ska, musicals and Jacques Dutronc.

And a lot more besides. Welcome!


More information: www.idlevice.com

Friday, June 2 2006

Dirt E Dancing


DJ's: The Haina und die eine Kekskatze (Hamburg)


Live Act: LEEKON



Everybody knows those guys. At least you get that impression from places like the Astrastube, Yoko Mono Bar, Schilleroper and the Pudel. On friday, they will rock the house with electronic dancemusic somewhere between electro-clash, house and disco-punk. And if you want to miss something, you might as well stay at home.


More information: www.salamandroids.de

Saturday, June 3 2006

DJ: DJ DSL (Hamburg/Vienna)

Visuals: eins23.tv


DJ DSL could quite possibly be Europe’s greatest hiphop insider-tip. For the last sixteen years, he has been indulging the ears of connoisseurs of fine music, building up a cult-following among the turntable-community. In 2002, he published his first record on G-stone label (Kruger and Dorfmeister), simply called “#1“. On it, we can hear canned versions of the things he usually does to the clubs of the world. Carefully dissected beats with minimalistic structures, well proportioned and with lots of soul make his sets feel like a classic motown-recording: uplifting, magical and strong on bass. Or, as the Viennese would say: “super-leiwand“, whatever that means.


More information: www.dj-dsl.com and www.eins23.tv

Sunday, June 4 2006

from 11 pm: MuVi-Award 2006

Music Videos from the archive of the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen


from midnight: DJ: Hans Nieswandt (Cologne)

Visuals: loop pool (Köln)


Hans Nieswandt is a permanent, respected character in the world of DJ- and clubculture, of electronic music production and of quality music writing for more than 15 years. Extensive DJ- and lecturing travels took him around the world. Solo and together with the group Whirlpool Productions, he produced six albums and countless remixes (see also Discography). In 2002, his first book “plusminuseight – DJ days, DJ nights” was published at KiWi, Cologne and in April 2006 KiWi published Hans Nieswandt's new book „Disko Ramallah“.

Since february 2003, his weekly radio show “Electronic Melodies” is broadcasted on the main German station WDR 1Live. A man, who transmits on many channels…


The loop is the shortest form of film making: a “perpetuum mobile“ of audio-visual emotion. Video clip- or short film-directors as well as free artists and VJs are producing one single video-loop each for the loop pool.

More than 100 video-loops of huge artistic range can be found. Find narrative, documentary, hypnotic, animated, mysterious, reduced, decorative, critical, subversive, hip, sad, effective, found, artistic, technozoide, drawn, photographed, silent, loud, flickering and more loops, between 6 frames and 10 minutes duration.

The wide variety of creative approaches to this short format are presented on the “loop pool” DVD.

"loop pool" is a project from Graw Böckler Heydenbreck, in co-operation with the Internationalen Kurzfilmtagen Oberhausen.


More information: www.hansnieswandt.de and www.raumfuerprojektion.de


admission charge: Euro 5,- / accreditated guests: Euro 3,-

Monday, June 5 2006

DJs: Stefan & Torben (Hamburg)

(Prima Pop, Gold Soundz, Strictly British)


Once upon a time, not so far away, in a club called “Grüner Jäger“, Torben and Stefan were putting on records. A young man, who looked a wee bit out of his mind, approached them and spoke thusly: “The music you play is shit. And, and, and: You even look like shit, as well!“.


This bodes well for the final evening of the festival-club, where only those will look like shit who won’t shake their booties to the beat. And there will be no chance for butts to stay immobile due to the mixture of independent pop, electro and long forgotten treasures of popular musc, which the two lads are going to serve.

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