Award Winner 1993

No Budget
Jury (Cornelia Klauß, Edgar Langer, Bettina Bayerl, Wenzel Storch, Elfriede Schmitt)
no Jury Award:
Wenzel Storch: "There was not a single film that deserved to win the prize. My favourites were playing the Trash Nite anyway." The 5000 DM went to the newly founded Short Film Agency.

Audience Award:
1st "Dinner with Malibu" by Jon Carnoy
2. "The Bird Lover" by Arsen Anton Ostojic
3. "Cat's Cradle" by Liz Hughes

Steppin` Out
Jury (Ruth Jäger, Heinz Emigholz, Roger Gonin, Pia Frankenberg, Kirsi Kinnunen)
1. Price in equal parts:
"World of Glory" by Roy Anderson and
"Passage à l'acte" by Martin Arnold

Audience Awards:
1st "Fare dodger" by Pepe Danquart
2. "Omnibus" by Sam Karmann
3rd "Clinic of Horror" by Rainer Matsutani

Three Minute Quickie (Topic: Chinese)
"Chinese Court Martial" by Miko Zeuschner