›Aggressively Experimental‹ - First Working Table

Thurday 5. June | 13.00 - 15.00 h | Festival Centre

With Lectures from: Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Remote Control, Stefan Heidenreich, Robert Bramkamp and others; afterwards discussions and an intervention of films students from HfBK.

›Aggressively Experimental‹ is an initiative by the cinematic area of studies at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg (HfbK) under the aegis of Robert Bramkamp, professor for experimental film. They intend to improve and change the contemporary structures in the fields of production and distribution and contest public TV-formatting and cinematic utilisation routines.

After their first great meeting in December 2013 the words should lead to deeds at their first public work table. We are going to discuss the legal, film technical, institutional, financial and political aspects of starting a campaign and exchange experiences. The focus lies on finding ways to force the structures under public law, namely the NDR, to become more innovative and experimental. Furthermore, the project should be popularized among the public and a network of discussion created.

The first work table will go after urgent questions: How can a critical film political campaign be started at the fringes of media propaganda and educational work when the goals are both experimental and tangible, the means and conditions are well balanced and the chances for change have been strategically planned? The lectures are between 10 and 15 minutes long and followed by discussions. Their subjects are: Who is this critical mass that we need to mobilise? Who is the enemy? What are our demands? What are our legal possibilities? What institutional and financial forms should we take as such an initiative? Who should or must we cooperate with? What is the strategy for spreading our message? What are the means that allow us to invent a new form of broadcasting?