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Since the launch of the »No Budget« short film festival in 1985, the International Short Film Festival has grown to become one of the major festivals on the international short film circuit. With its presentation of short films drawn from the entire range of international production, the festival offers a varied forum for filmakers and filmgoers alike.

The festival is a forum for presenting the diversity of internationally produced short films and a place of encounter for film-makers from home and abroad. The festival is organised by the Hamburg ShortFilmAgency.

The International Hamburg Short Film Festival is funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Arts and the European Commission.

The festival holds an »International Competition« for new, high-quality short film productions and a competition for international »No Budget« films made without public funding. Among the various awards are the »Hamburg Short Film Award« and the »François Ode Award«, a special-category jury prize awarded in memory of the founder of the Paris-based Agence du Court Métrage, who was also a supporter and friend of the ShortFilmAgency Hamburg.

The festival can also boast unique features of its own invention, such as the »Three-minute Quickies«
In various special programmes the festival features filmmakers, particular themes and the cinematic output of selected countries.

Selection committees will convene for each of the following competitions:
Awards: The Hamburg Short Film Award ( jury award 2.500,- €)
»François Ode Award« (the jury’s special award 1.250,- €)
Audience Award (1.250,- €)
In this competition category we present recent, professional international short film productions.
Awards: The NoBudget Award (jury award 1.500,- €)
Audience Award (1.250,- €)
The emphasis here clearly lies more on the realisation of an idea. No-Budget films are made with limited production means and under personal circumstances, which may have a strong influence on the finished work.
Theme 2004: »mine«
Award: Audience Award (500,- €)
The films in this catagory must not exceed 3 minutes in length and have to relate to the given theme.
Award: Mo & Friese Award (»Mo & Friese Preis« 1.250,- €)
Competition for short film productions (maximum length 40 minutes) from all over the world, that are suitable for an audiance from 6 to 14 years.
Award: Audience Award (1.000,- €)
Awards: »Jameson Short Film Award«, Jury Award (6.000,- €)
donated by Jameson Irish Whiskey
»Hanse Short 2004«, Jury Award (1.250,- €)
Audience Award (1.250,- €) donated by the »Hamburgische Kulturstiftung«