A short programme about war and violence. The world in question features the traditional, repeated and legalised practice of violence upon people. »Society reaps what its oppression has sown.«


Sunday, June 8th 2003, 18:00, B-Movie

1. Scenes from an endless war (2001-2002)
Norman Cowie, USA 2002, 32 Min.
An experimental documentary on militarism, globalization, and the »war against terrorism«.
2. Gross-Deutschland USA
Gabriella Spierer, USA 2001, 19:10 Min., Documentary
Two-thousand men meet each year in the woods of Pennsylvania to perform Hitler's last big battle.
3. L’ Abito/The Suit
Stanislao Pasqualini, Italien 2003, 7:35 Min., Short Fiction
The crisis of a priest.
4. The New Patriots
Robert Richter, USA 2002, 11:56 Min., Documentary
Five U.S. Military veterans speak about Patriotism, Terrorism, Government hypocrisy, and their transformation from Warriors to Peace Activists.
5. qaida quality question quickly quickly quiet
Lenka Clayton, 2003, 20 min., Experimental
President Bush's first State of the Union address changed the world. It was broadcast live in January 2002. From an original speech of 48 minutes, 18 minutes of alphabetically ordered words remain.
6. Bob, James & Abdul Go Awesome
Oliver Neumann, England 2002, 12:08 Min., Computeranimation
A tower of sand, it's destruction and the resulting punishment.