Festival Club

The ISFF Festival Club is located in the Harkortstr. 125 (please ask the Infocounter Team for a map). The club will be open from 10 p.m. each night during the festival and the entrance is free, apart of the Berlin Super 80 Party on friday.


Engage, and save nothing for the way back!

Wednesday, June 8th, 10:00 pm



(Nachtclub auf NDR Info)


Ruben Jonas Schnell plays music on the radio and elsewhere. Among other activities, he hosts the radio show Nachtclub on Northern German Regional Radio every Friday from midnight to 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. He’ll play anything from pop to electronica, as long as it’s any good.

Thursday, June 9th, 11:00 pm


(Planeten & Blumen, Dioé)

Anton Silber is ex-resident DJ at the DIRT! Club in the Tanzhalle St Pauli, an organiser of the Dioé – Hamburg Festival of Art and Music, and one of the people behind Planeten & Blumen.
Planeten & Blumen basically works like this: once every quarter, an artist is invited to put on his own disco -cumexhibition under the banner of “Create Your Own Disco” and – always on Fridays – this is then brought to life by DJs, live acts, and the audience.

A mere six months after its opening, Planeten & Blumen was voted one of the ten best clubs in the German-speaking countries by the readers of De:Bug. At the moment, Planeten & Blumen is undergoing reconstruction again.
You can find more information at: www.planetenundblumen.de and listen to an Anton Silber DJ-set at: www.betalounge.de.

Friday, June 10th, 11:00 pm


The Anniversary Show – 25 Years of Ingenious Dilettantes


Entrance: 6 Euro (Accredited guests: 4 Euro)



To coincide with the release of the BERLIN SUPER 80 Box

(DVD+CD+book), Monitorpop und vinyl-on-demand present:

Wolfgang Müller (Die Tödliche Doris), DJ Thomas Pargmann, + guests,live performance, short films, and Super ’80s Dancefloor Music with theprotagonist of Ingenious Dilettantes: Wolfgang Müller (+ special guest).

We’ll be presenting a live mix which ranges from the West Berlinmusic and avant-garde art scenes of the ’80s to the present day. Movingon from looking back will be the theme of the evening.

Various Super-8 short films from the ’80s will be shown –

many of them for the first time ever – from the archives of Wolfgang Müller/Die Tödliche Doris and Frieder Butzmann.

Selected highlights from the BERLIN SUPER 80 DVD will also be shown.

After the entertaining show programme, DJ Thomas Pargmann and theHamburg DJ Herr Brandt will rock the dancefloor. “Being both arepresentative of the younger generation and an acknowledged expert onthe 80s scene, Thomas Pargmann has a completely different perspectivethe music from back then”, says Wolfgang Müller about Thomas Pargmann.

Saturday, June 11th, 10:00 pm



The delectable super-disco, with Luc Le Truc and francophile goodies from all over le shop – electro, rock, beat, and chanson. Host Luc Le Truc collects new songs by the sackful: songs from the seventies and eighties, new floorstompers and old smoothies, classics and curiosities – in other words, a potpourri of French pop culture.
Dance here and you’ll be a more beautiful person for it afterwards – so come homme everybody!

Sunday, June 12th, 10:00 pm




Anna Loog: vinyl, CDs, cassettes; 24, single, shy, positively pessimistic; Bavaria, Vienna, Hamburg; student, accordion dilettante, expert barwoman, and always on a placement somewhere.

(A. Loog talking about A. Loog.)


What’s in store for us if we take up the Festival Club and Fräulein Loog’s invitation to an evening of reduced music? What is reduced music anyway? Where does “a little” start and “reduced” end? Does anything happen at all?

Reduction is presumably a matter of definition: whether we’re talking about electronic or classical minimal music, a load of hissing and crackling committed to vinyl, conventional one-man bands, or tear-jerking, heart-rending, funnybone-tickling songs about leaving and being left. Various Hamburg clubs have already been treated to a taste of this subjective selection: Schilleroper, Astrastube, Egalbar, Nachtasyl, Komet, Marktstube, Ponybar – “First Love, Last

Grooves”, “Smells Like a Fistful of Lonesome Homerun Feelings”, “I Ride my Pony to Melancholy City”.

Anna Loog transforms the clubs into swimming pools brimming with melancholy; Anna Loog serves up tears in whisky glasses; Anna Loog makes time stand still five minutes before chucking out time. In actual fact, she isn’t really a DJ at all. A DJ has skills which he presents; a DJ has beats which make you twitch; a DJ is entertainment. Anna Loog is none of these things. And neither is reduced music. Music played under the strategy of reduction throws you back on yourself and demands your complete attention.

What more could you ask for?



SUNDAY, JUNE 12th, 11:59 pm, Open Air




Music videos from the archives of the Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.

Monday, June 13th, 10:00 pm

DJ RoundTable™


DJ RoundTable


On Monday night, DJ RoundTable, the five well-dressed young tykes from the Festival’s special department for playing music anti-clockwise, will again be tabling a yummy mixture of motions.

Their motto this time around can be read as a satirical comment on the situation of the media proletariat in late capitalist society: “Don’t cry – work!”


And to really wrap up the Festival week, we’ll put on a party after the party on Tuesday morning at 7.30 a.m. And yes,you’re all invited.

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