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Talent meets Producer

Talent meets Producer



The 21st International ShortFilmFestival Hamburg will once again be playing host to a meeting between filmmakers, producers, and representatives of the Hamburg Film Fund.

For the first time this year, this event is also open to filmmakers from outside Germany. Directors and screenwriters who are in the development stages of a feature-length film project (drama or documentary) are given the opportunity to present their ideas in the form of a short pitch.

This project was initiated by the Hamburg ShortFilmAgency and the Hamburg Film Fund in collaboration with MEDIA Desk Germany.


Thursday, 9 June 2005, Monsun-Theater


Anyone wishing to participate must register in advance.


The ShortFilmAgency presents:





Thursday, June 9th, 07:45 pm


At this year’s Festival, the Hamburg ShortFilmAgency’s theatrical distribution department will present two new unusual short film compilations. These programmes are scheduled to be screened in cinemas all over Germany this autumn.

At first glance, the aim of the programme BL!NDSPOT might seem a paradox: a film programme trying to screen the invisible.

The project was inspired by the Hamburg exhibition Dialogue in the Dark, which makes its visitors experience everyday situations in complete darkness and thus giving them an “insight” into what it is like to be blind. As a starting point for the BL!NDSPOT project, its initiators asked themselves if non-visual modes of perception and the resulting associations and mental images could be expressed in a visual medium. In autumn 2004, the exhibition’s organising body, the association Dialogue in the Dark issued a call for entries for its film competition “BL!NDSPOT – Rendering the Invisible Visible”. The jury was looking for films of all genres dealing with the subject of “seeing differently”, and they were pleasantly surprised with how varied the entries were. The filmmakers who entered their films proved beyond any doubt that they had the courage to approach even the most difficult of subjects, and that they are capable of producing outstanding films.


The winning entries presented at this year’s International ShortFilmFestival will be released theatrically and on video/DVD in autumn and will be screened in the German original version without subtitles.


The screening is supported by FC St. Pauli.





from June 9th-13th the meeting point for the SPECIAL FOCUS IRAN.

Tea, Persian specialities, conversations with our guests from Iran, a photo exhibition on the history of the City of Bam and much more can be enjoyed at PERSIKO, our little Iranian club for the Festival week.


Galerie entwurf-direkt

Kleine Rainstr. 6

22765 Hamburg


5 min. by foot from the zeise kinos and the festival centre (Please ask the Infocounter team for a map).

A Wall is a Screen

A Wall is a Screen



In order to watch films, we’ll be leaving the cinema. The walls of the urban jungle will be our screens and our projections will become reality. Cinema will be reduced to its bare essentials: watching and experiencing film.


This cinematic stroll through Hamburg’s city centre will start on Thursday, 9 June, and Saturday, 11 June at 10.15 p.m. at the Karstadt department store in Mönckebergstraße near the main train station.

Feld für Kunst

»Fort of the fabrications«, Kentaro Taki

feld für kunst



feld für kunst temporarily transforms empty business premises into galleries for contemporary art. Until July 2005, the association will be using the empty premises of Hamburg’s first Body Building studio in Eimsbüttler Chausee. feld für kunst’s projects The Video Settee and The Video Room present films and installations on video or addressing the medium’s characteristics. The Video Room is located in the former showers of feld für kunst’s current location. Artists are invited to use this room for experiments and installations.


During the 21st International Short Film Festival Hamburg, the gallery feld für kunst will be showing video works by Christoph de Babalon/Markus Dinig, Alice Miceli, and Kentaro Taki.[more...]


Opening: 10 June 2005, 8 p.m.

The exhibition will be open on 12 June from 9 to 11 p.m.


feld für kunst e.V.

Eimsbütteler Chaussee 85 / Ecke Doormannsweg neben Aldi, 20259 Hamburg

info(at)feldfuerkunst.net www.feldfuerkunst.net

Meet the Directors

Meet the directors



The festival direction is open for criticism.

Saturday, June 11th at 2 p.m. in the Monsun Theatre.



Dear Festival guest,


Congratulations! You have come to the International Short Film Festival Hamburg, a festival so great, it has yet to find its equal anywhere in the world. For the past 21 years, we have had no complaints whatsoever.


But all that is over now.


On Saturday, you, the audience and guests of the Festival, will be given the chance to have your say about the Festival organisation and programming.

We'll be asking you questions such as "Should we have done without the special programme on reduction? Or should we try to reduce ourselves further?" The Festival team wants your criticism, and it intends to make use of it in the future. In other words: where do you want us to go tomorrow?


There will be canapés and soft drinks, as befits any boardroom meeting, and the discussion will be held in English.


Limited access!


Lost and Found

The ShortFilmAgency presents








Sunday, June 12th, 07:45 pm


For the LOST AND FOUND project, six young filmmakers from

Eastern Europe each developed a short which dealt with the given topic “generation”. The resulting six shorts were then compiled to make up a feature-length film, in which four short dramas and one short documentary are interwoven with an animated frame narrative.

The result is a new form of presenting shorts oscillating between the characteristics of a film programme and those of a unified work of art. The films are combined to form caleidoscopic image of life in Eastern Europe, a region which

appears to be both new and old, unknown and yet not strange.

The LOST AND FOUND project draws attention to itself through its choice of participating filmmakers. All of them are among the most talented young directors in their countries, and most of them are no strangers to the Hamburg festival. The directors made the films in their respective countries, working with local production companies. Only afterwards were the films all brought together and the post production process was carried out in Germany.

The project was initiated by the relations project at the German

Federal Cultural Foundation following an idea from Nikolaj Nikitin, who also served as the project’s artistic director. It was

further developed by the Cologne-based production company

ICON FILM (Herbert Schwering and Christine Kiauk) and the advisory panel of experts made up of Gabriele Brunnenmeyer from Media Antenne Berlin-Brandenburg, the film director and screenwriter Didi Danquart, and Sibylle Kurz, who served as

artistic advisor. Before production actually started and during the post production stages, the six directors regularly met to work on their screenplays and to bring the individual episodes together in a single film with help from the advisory panel.


The theatrical distribution department of the Hamburg ShortFilmAgency is planning to release the 99-minute film LOST AND FOUND theatrically on 13 October 2005 in Germany. The film will be screened from a 35 mm copy in the original version with German subtitles.



HAMBURGERKINO is a motley group of film maniacs who
shoot, edit and project films in record time. During the
Festival, they will be making a whole load of shorts about
and based around the ISFF. The results will be screened on
Sunday, 12 June, at 10 p.m. at the Metropolis cinema.

Sonntag, 12. Juni 2005, 22.00 Uhr

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