The winners have been Chosen!

And the winners are....

The winners of the 21st Short Film Festival Hamburg have been chosen! Three juries and the audience have decided on the recipients of a total of 17.250 Euro in prize money. Thanks to our sponsors all prizes could be raised this year. And for the first time this year, a film will receive the ARTE Short Film Award, which consists of a prize sum of 450 Euro per minute and a spot on the TV station's short film programme.

Overall, eleven prizes were assigned for outstanding short film productions from all over the world. Tough decisions according to the jury, since all the competitors were of very high standard. In terms of audience the festival was quite a success: more than 14000 spectators came to our screenings.


The jury: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Beilenhoff, Karlo Funk, Samm Haillay, Shirin Naderi, Esther Rots


Posle doschdja (After the Rain), Dusan Gligorov, Russia 2004, Short Fiction, 13’30 min., 35mm

Substantiation: Cinematically austere yet emotionally developed, this film combines a physical and spiritual metaphor for the confrontation with the unexpected. The lead's inegrity offers a key to the subjective thematical focus. This film attains excellence in every area of filmmaking.


Scen 6882 ur mitt liv, (Scene 6882 from my Life) Ruben Östlund, Sweden 2004, Short Fiction Documentary, 8’00 Min., 35 mm

Substantiation: Observing an everyday human group dynamic from a distance allows the viewer a non-dogmatic insight into social behaviour. This autobiographical piece allegorically aproaches questions presented to all of us in our youth. The jury felt the personal and unique title perfectly reflects the theme of the film.

Special Mention:

Le droit chemin (The Straight and Narrow), Mathias Gokalp, France 2004, Short Fiction, 12’30 Min., 35 mm

Substantiation: Imaginative reversal of structural storytelling without conceding affection for the character.

Optinen ääni (Optical Sound), Mika Taanila, Finnland 2005, Experimentalfilm, 6’00 Min., 35 mm

Substantiation:This film shows how we can all benefit from the recycling of obsolete technology.


Hjemmekamp (Home Game), Martin Lund, Norway 2004, Short Fiction, 9’50 Min., 35 mm

ARTE-Short Film Award: 5.850 Euro

Sister, Daniel Mulloy, Wales 2004, Short Fiction, 13’00 Min., 35 mm

The jury: Barbara Häbe, Mado Le Fur

Substantiation: Director Daniel Mulloy combines a tight, powerful and extremely expressive narrative with wonderful imagery to achieve a portrait of Welsh teenagers that is both sensitive and critical. The road to school, a school bus, a Chinese boy, three girls, two boys, a bus driver and a lamb make for a highly dramatic story about identity and integration.

The film’s visual intensity makes the audience feel very strongly about the characters without giving away their secrets



The Jury: Arjon Dunnewind, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Pernille Spence

NoBudget Prize of the Jury: 2.000 Euro (ex aequo)

1. Preserving Cultural Traditions in a Period of Instability, John & Henry Ford, Austria 2004, Experimental Film, 3’00 Min., 35 mm

Substantiation: A film that gives a commentary on developments on contemporary visual culture, a film that remarks in a visually challenging way on the ideas and heritage of one of the key figures in experimental filmmaking of the 1960’s, Stan Brakhage.

2. Geheimnis und Schatten (Secrets and Shadows), George Olsen, Scottland 2004, Documentary, 7’25 Min., DVD


Substantiation: The second winner of the No Budget Prize is for a political musical, an original combination between oral history and documentary filmmaking. We felt it has a considered approach to a very political and open situation in East and West Germany and it addresses the differences in the way the past was experienced and is remembered.



Special Mention:

Da janela do meu quarto (From the Window of my Room), Cao Guimarães, Brazil 2004, Documentary, 5’00 Min., 35 mm



Substantiation: We would like to give a special mention to From The Window of My Room by Cao Guimaraes for capturing such a powerful image of the underlying aggression and persistence in an apparently playful situation.

Audience Award of the NoBudget Competition: 1.500 Euro

Die kleine Bio-Mahlzeit (Organic Snacks), Stephan Müller, Germany 2005, Experimental Film, 3’30, DVD



Creative Energy – Made in Germany; Audience Award, donated by Greenpeace energy: 1.500 Euro

Bob Log III’s Electric Fence Story, Sébastian Wolf & Tinka Stock, Germany 2004, Animation, 2’12 Min., Betacam SP


Hanse Shorts 2005 endowed by the Hamburg Cultural Foundation

Hanse Short 2005 – Prize of the Jury. 1.500 Euro

Die kalte Wut des Makalu (The Cold Rage of Makalu), Carsten Knoop & Dorit Kiesewetter, Germany 2004, Short Fiction, 20’00 Min., 35 mm

Substantiation: The film uses the forms of documentary filmmaking to create a take on the crisis of masculinity as caused by a mountain that is both powerful and camp at the same time.It skillfully disects the megalomania it presents while casting a self-reflexive glance at its own modes of presentation.This makes it both an intelligent deconstruction of heroic myths and a hilarious satire, especially through the brilliant performance by Christian Schwanenberger and the equally brilliant music by Hamburg-based Punk Rock outfit "Oma Hans".

Special Mention:

Was nun? (What Now?), Jasper-Wu Laudenabch, Germany 2004, Documentary, 7’30 Min., Betacam SP

Substantiation: It takes a sensitive and thoughtful look at the personal and social problems of the "placement generation". It translates a great idea into a very concise film, both on the narrative and on formal level. An outstanding debut.

Hanse Short 2005 – Audience Award 1.500 Euro

Wackelkontakt – Man trifft sich oder wird getroffen (Loose Contact), Eike Swoboda & Felix Engel, Germany 2002, Short Fiction, 27’40 Min., Mini DV




Horst-Uwe G. – Ein Deutsches Schicksal (Horst-Uwe G. – A German Tragedy), Matthias Grübel & Matthias Sdun, Germany 2005, Short Fiction, 3’30 Min., DVD




Eleni’s Olives, Yianna Americanou, Cyprus 2004, Short Fiction, 19’00 Min., 35 mm

Substantiation: We chose this film because it was the one that we found most touching. We could really feel the girl’s sadness and we were able to empathise with her in her situation, not least because of the music used in the film. We were very impressed with the young actors‘ performances and really liked the beautiful shots of the landscape in Cyprus. The film beautifully shows the girls‘ place of refuge underneath the olive tree, where she goes when she feels that nobody understands her and she is in need of comfort.

Special Mentions:

Zartmo, Marc Dalmans, Belgium 2004, Short Fiction, 16’00 Min., 35 mm

Strong Hold, Morten H. Evelid, Norway 2004, Short Fiction, 9’00 Min., 35 mm

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