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Festival Club

„When the time comes to leave, just walk away quietly and don’t make any fuss“

(from: Banksy, ‘Wall and Piece’)

Our festival club has moved. You will now find it high over the rooftops of Hamburg, on the 5th floor of the Medienbunker at the Heiligengeistfeld. There will plenty of dancing, drinking and dating going on on the dance-floor and at the bar, and if you are in need of some fresh air, you can enjoy the view of Hamburg's skyline from the balcony. Doors open each night from 22.00 h.


Festival Club, Medienbunker, 5th floor, Feldstr. 66

U-Bahn (U3) or Bus 3 U-Bahnhof Feldstraße

Each night from 21.45 to 0.45 h, the free Natural American Spirit-Shuttlebus connects the zeise cinemas and festival centre (leaving the parkinglot Behringstraße approx. every 30 minutes) and the Festival Club.

Wednesday, 6 June - Opening Night

Opening Night


DJ: Christian Fuchs (FM4 / Wien)



Musician, journalist, pop culture junkie, old school romantic, obsessive fan, professional heckler, a walking contradiction. At times he is also a DJ partial to electro madness, rave evergreens, post punk “Schlager”, sleazy Disco. Among other things, Mr Fuchs works for Vienna's exceptional radio station “FM4”, he reviews films and records on the air, writes as a web host about rather shady topics and scares off Vienna's cab drivers with his Rock'n'Roll show on Wednesdays. Most notably he is the singer of the electro band “Bunny Lake” which has added several tracks to the playlists of several neoraving DJ-stars.


When the ZOOZOOZOO VJ Team is conquering the visual space, pictures are colliding with rhythms, the world of colours pulsates on the screens and real-time fantasies run parallel to the electro-acoustic experience. Using surreal, poetic and urban scenarios, the VJs present a different universe to the audience – the world of ZOOZOOZOO.


Thursday, 7 June

„180 Grad Remixed Foodage“

From 22:30 h



RockCity Hamburg e.V. and the Hamburg International Short Film Festival present: 180 Degrees Remixed Foodage – specialties and messes in the hall and on the screen. DJs, VJs and live-acrobats contort and make music to the topic of specialities and dishes to the culinary film. Rarities, degenerate matter and other short film treats will be fried and dubbed live. A gourmet spectacle with treats for urbanites.


DJ: Daughter Erben (Hamburg)

VJ: aufderlichtung

From 00:30 h


Daughter Erben – having been hopelessly captivated by electronic music for more than ten years, she has been out on a DJ-mission to spread the infection among all night owls and day dreamers for more than eight years. With a dose of deep house, a table spoon of Detroit techno, a pill of Chicago sound and just a pinch of minimal click clack, which can be taken in combination and without any harmful side effects, fans of the Girlzklub, Doppelhertz, Tanzhalle and Golden Pudel have been inebriated in the past, so that they can go losing themselves in the great, warm and wonderful world of electronic dance music forever more.


Aufderlichtung consists of Rio Grande. He has lived in Hamburg for so long, that that is where he came from. He is a VJ, video artist, cinematographer, and a video production all wrapped in one and he's even been making a living out of it since 2002. In his VJ sets, he exclusively works with self produced videos, photos, graphics and other material. And he has done so many times at places like the Beta Lounge, Click, Tanzhalle, Westwerk, Übel & Gefährlich, Waagenbau, Hafenklang in Hamburg, at the Contact Europe Festival in Berlin, at the Harry Klein Club in Munich, at the NRW Forum in Düsseldorf, at the c/o pop festival in Cologne, at the Flex in Vienna. So much for names. Occasionally, Aufderlichtung collaborates with the extremely famous and talented DJ Daughter Erben.


Friday, 8 June

DJ: Diseuse (Hamburg)

VJs: Giraffentoast



Diseuse. That's French and means elocutionist – a reminiscence from the world of the great chansonettes? In fact, both the DJ and the diseuse perform selected works which are brought to life and filtered by the presence of the artist. For DJ Diseuse, neither border of time nor of genre exist within the primordial soup which is electronic music. Her benchmarks are the love for music, personal taste and unconditional danceability. With an unspoiled freshness, she merges contemporary productions with respectable House classics into a surprisingly homogeneous set. She uses technology just as freely as well: Laptop and midi controller are used as an electronic jukebox with their full potential for artistic arrangements just as naturally as the classical turntable.

Giraffentoast: The gods of light and rezeptorcell dazzlers create their strenth out of thousands and thousands of ANSI Lumen, just to skin our retina with visual disturbances. Balancing virtuosic on 400 to 800 nm waves somewhere between paradise and contaminated data waste. Feverish visions are born like galaxies, just to be hacked by their laserswords into bits and pieces. As if Frank Zappa & Ziggy Stardust on helium would invite you to a slide show, only a lot worse – and a lot funnier.

Of 0 to 1 Giraffentoast makes A to Z. Careful: Who looks gets hooked.


Saturday, 9 June


DJs: Maurice de la Falaise (LA) & Monoprix (Hamburg/Paris)

VJs: BerlinBeamBoys (Berlin)

5 Euro / Accredited 3 Euro



Maurice de la Falaise is a resident DJ at “Club Transistor”, a weekly party that plays '60s and '80s pop with touches of new electro pop and French and Spanish pop. Maurice is perhaps best known for his founding role at Club Par Avion, L.A.'s multilingual pop party: from the '60s through today’s pop from Japan, China, Britain, Spain, Mexico, France and Germany can be heard next to '60s soul, Bollywood and psychedelic pop.


Monoprix's music explores the depths of electronic composing without losing sight of enchanting melodies and soul-caressing pop songs. For his performances Monoprix is not afraid to grab the acoustic and electric guitar or let himself get into a delightful singing duet with his sampler.


LosBerlinBeamBoys-VisionarySystem are Dark Fader & Ray Beams (Christoph C. Petersen and Torge Peters, Berlin, Germany). As BBBs they create rhythmic graphics and electronic pictures, presented as live-video-performance, installation, VJ act or urban intervention. The BBB-VisionarySystem has beamed at a variety of venues and festivals all around the globe, including the filmfestival in Cannes and the 9th biennial of Havana, Cuba.


Sunday, 10 June

Live: FILM2 – visual experimental pop (Berlin)

DJs: The Haina und die eine Kekskatze (Hamburg) & FILM2 (Berlin)


FILM2 are French actress Betty la Gachette (voice & stories) and German musician Renault Schubert (music & video). Since 2002, they work on a new combination of music, film and spoken words. Powerful, danceable and futuristic beats and breaks, the atmosphere and deepness of a film score, performed with the provocative and energetic attitude of punk and new wave. FILM2’s debut album “la nouvelle vague experience” was released in 2005 (PaleMusic). In December 2006 FILM2 released the limited edition live album “roughcut” (Tinoc Tunez). Over the years FILM2 played more than 100 shows all over Europe, in well-established venues such as LaPaloma (Barcelona), DirtyDancing@Continental (Brussels), ArtGarbage (Moscow), Madame Jojo's (London), Fusion Festival or Maria am Ostbahnhof (Berlin) and many more.

Monday, 11 June - Closing Night

This is the end...


DJs: Hafenschlamm / Prosecco Nation / Einsatzleitung (Hamburg)

VJ: Usomatic


(c) Kathrin Brunnhöfer

"Is that why he didn't stay?"

"No. He left because I no longer wanted to be in partnership with him."

"You didn't? I mean, you don't?"



"Because he pretends to be better at what he does than he is. I prefer people who are better at what they do than they think they are."


(from: „Pattern Recognition“ by William Gibson)

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