Award Winner 1988

No Budget Competition

Film Section
Jury Prize (Conny E. Voester, Dr. Thorsten Teichert, Dr. Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Thorsten Alisch, Michael Kuball)
1. "Swing" by Joachim Bode
2nd prize in equal parts:
 "Hunger Strike - Solitary Confinement" by the Video Werkstatt Kanzlei Zurich
 "The General" of Schmelz Dahin
3rd prize (material donation of the Fuji company):
"Rose Red" by Maija-Lene Rettig
"Marimo" by Mark Feuerstake
"Bi Mekaar" and "Situation Normal" by Hanna Nordholt and Fritz Steingrobe
"The Job" by Ruth Brecht
"Linoleum Film" by Jakob Kirchheim

Honorable Mentions:
"The Film Club President's Friend" by Penguin Picture
"If it moves, they will watch it" by markus
"Report from the Sands" by Kain Karawahn
"Memmori" by Katja Butt and Bernhard Wallasch
"How to beat up everybody" by Werner Senft

Negative Mention:
"Plusquamperfect" by Werner Albert Püthe and Achim Schroeder

Audience Awards:
1st "Lonely Hearts" by Matthias Bruhn
2. "The Heaven of Heroes" by Robert Bramkamp
3. "60 Degrees with Centrifuges" by Carmen d'Avis

Section Video
Jury Prize (Nina Rippel, Ulrike Zimmermann, Axel Wirth, Andres Coerper)
1st prize in equal parts for:
"The New Art of Punishment" by the Medienwerkstatt Freiburg and
"Fist in the Eye" by Angelika Levi and Antje Schäfer
2nd prize "Rebirth" by Heinz-Uwe Schorn

Special Mentions: "Kniespiel" by Claus Blume and "100 Prenatal Sayings" by Julean Simon

Audience Awards:
1st "Rebirth" by Heinz-Uwe Schorn
2nd "Non-thought, featuring Tub of the Month" by Jonathan S. Weiszbrodt and Hendrijk van Zaiszt

Three Minute Quickie - for the first time (Topic: The Hole)
1. "My wonderful Toilet" by Reinhard Westendorf
2. "The Citizens' Initiative" by Folke Kerckhoff
3. "The Shit Clowns" by Till Sadlowski