Dear all,

it is with deep regret that we have to inform you that the 3rd Hamburg Film-In/ Short Film Festival Hamburg cannot take place. Like so many others, we too are affected by the new corona restrictions in Germany, effective Monday, November 2nd 2020. While we are in full agreement with the governments’ new measure plan aiming at containing the pandemic, we are obviously very sad we will not be able to show our extraordinary program with around 100 films at the Metropolis cinema as planned. It was a very conscious decision on our part to present the Film-In and thus the competition films of the 36th Short Film Festival Hamburg exclusively at the cinema - rather than online. That does in no way mean we do not appreciate all the online formats to have emerged this year. But for our festival, we really wanted the big screen experience including the possibility to get together in person at the cinema. As the situation is set to remain volatile for a while to come, we are considering a hybrid version of next year’s edition of the festival. However, there will be no substitutive online screening of the Film-In this year.
Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you who contributed to this year’s festival with their work.
Since the juries have already reached their decisions, you will be informed about the winners by the end of next week. You can find the editions’s digital catalogue here

We are looking forward to seeing short films on the big screen and you all together with us again next year from June 1-7, 2021 at the 37th Short Film Festival Hamburg.
Stay safe, and fingers crossed that we will all get through these difficult times.
On behalf of the whole festival team, we send warm wishes to you all.
Sven & Maike

P.S. The submission process for the 37th Short Film Festival Hamburg commences November 1st on Shortfilmdepot. We are very much looking forward to your new entries.