Award Winner 1990

Both the audience and jury prize was divided into three parts (Hamburg Young Talent Prize: films up to DM 10,000 budget, first Steppin' Out programme for films over DM 10,000 budget)

Jury Prize
(Jury: Ildikó Enyedi, Joaqsuim Pinto, Wolfgang Lauenstein, Richard Philpott, Peter Tscherkassky, Andrea Kunsemüller)

"The Unbearable Inexplicability of the Unbearable" by Andreas Horn
"The heroine. Sacrifice. The Hearth" by Sybille Stürmer
"Hoi-Polloi" by Andrew Kötting

Audience Award
"The Drawn Man" by Matthias Bruhn
"It's over, Marie" by Christian Pötschke
"The Heroine. Sacrifice. The Hearth" by Sybille Stürmer

Three Minute Quickie (topic Money)
1. Reinhard Westendorf "Mother creates me"
2. Paco Brückner "The Evil One"
3. Martin Rautenberg "It's the Money or Me