Award Winners 1996

International Short Film Competition
Hamburg Short Film Award (Jury Kathleen Drumm, Kevin Franklin, Dieter Kosslick, Mariam Niroumand, Jay Rosenblatt)
Jury Prize in equal parts:
"Reconstruction" by Laurence Green
"National Achievement Day" by Ben Hopkins

Francois Ode Prize:
"The Beach" by Dorthe Scheffmann

Best Animated Film:
"Quest" by Tyron Montgomery

Audience Award:
"35 Aside" by Damien O'Donnnell

No Budget
Jury Prize (jury: Wilbirg Donnenberg, Hans-Joachim Hofmann, Mike Kuchar, Peter Sempel, Helena Villovitch) in equal parts:
"Insan" by Ibrahim Shaddad
"Prairie Storm" by Don Maxwell
Second prize "Lisa and Jean" by Miles Chalcraft

Audience Award:
"Lisa and Jean" by Miles Chalcraft

Fresh Hamburg Shorts (audience vote, prize money 2500 DM for film copy service)
First awarded to "Recently at the Dike" by Janek Rieke. Then it became known that the voting cards from the 3001 cinema had been forgotten. After recounting, the winner was
"Sensin - It's You!" By Fatih Akin. Finally, the prize was shared by Solomon!

Premiere Prize
(Premiere Jury Patrice Bauchy, Javier Bonillas, Nicole Keeb, Bettina Müller)
"A Simple Mission" by Raymond Boy

Three-minute Quickie (Topic: Mother)
"With Mummy in Paradise" by Bettina Schoeller

Digital Video Price
"Shoplifting" (CD-Rom) by Tony Keny and Barbara Ellison