The Pearl Divers...

...of the Hamburg Short Film Agency got sore eyes again this year searching in the dark for the - we would like to believe - most precious gems from that audio-visual species, the »Short Film«. Just so that
you, our ever gracious audience, can enjoy them on the silver screen.

We hope that we have paved the way for one or two of them to reach the international circuit of festivals. Due to the fact that we had to reject quite a lot of interesting short films last year because of time limitations, the International Hamburg Short Film Festival and the Hamburg Cultural Foundation together decided to enlarge the »Made in Hamburg« section to two programmes this year. This was only fair considering the large number of submitted films. Our thanks go to the Hamburg Cultural Foundation for their friendly and helpful support in again making it possible to award the »Hansa Short 2000« prizes of DM 3,000 and DM 2,000 in the form of film funding. Our critical cinema audiences once more get to decide which films will be awarded this year..

In these two programmes, independently produced films are mixed with films from the various local film schools. This means that shorts only made possible thanks to the financial help of the Hamburg Film Funding Authority are in direct competition with, say, quickly made, very short films such as those in our »Three-Minute Quickie« competition. Thus young, creative filmmakers can screen their productions together with works from the »veterans« of film who have remained true to this short and imaginative form of filmic statement.

As it is an open secret that the closing down of the audio-visual department at the Hamburg School of Arts (HfbK) is being considered, we would like to explicitly state here and now that such thoughts may speed up the demise of local film production here. Without so many diverse forms of film schooling opportunities here, creative people in these fields will start to leave Hamburg. Such a tendency is already apparent and can only be stopped by maintaining and creating interesting local possibilities.

Come, see, be amazed, laugh, cry and decide who will win the »Hansa Short 2000« prize to be awarded at our prize-giving ceremony on June 17th in the Zeise cinema. We are really excited about your decision!


Zeise 2: Sunday, 11th june 2000, 10.30 pm.
Zeise 1: Friday, 16. june 2000, 6.00 pm.

1. Straße Außen/Tag
Katja Fredriksen, Sebastian Poerschke, Germany 2000, 7'00 min., 16 mm, color, no dialog, experimental
2. Das Deutsche Gesicht
Simone Henneken, Germany 1999, 16'30 min., 35 mm, color, germ. OV, animation
3. Liebeslied
Frank M¸ller, Germany/Russia 1993/2000, 3'00 min., Betacam SP, color & b/w, germ. OV, experimental
4. Ist gut jetzt
Frank Nesemann, Germany 2000, 20'00 min., 35 mm, color, germ. OV, shortmovie
5. Bungee
Frigga Horstmann, Germany 1999, 1'20 min., Super 8, color, no dialog, animation
6. Ernte 23
Rasmus Hirthe, Germany 1999, 4'24 min., Betacam SP, color, no dialog, animation
7. 27 Ways To Get Back Home
Kai Simon, Germany 1999, 6'00 min., 35 mm, color, japan. OV m. engl. UT, shortmovie
8. It's a Hü Schenkel Life
Georg Dahm, Germany 1999, 15'00 min., Betacam SP, color, germ. OV, Diffizilodram
9. Hydrophil
Jörn Gehrlein, P. Macke, Germany 1999/2000, 13'00 min., 16mm, color, germ. OV, shortmovie/animation
10. Fremder Pelz
Franz Winzentsen, Germany 1999/2000, 3'50 min., 35 mm, color, no dialog, animation
11. Han Sushi
Wast Otter, USA/Germany 1999, 1'30 min., 16 mm, b/w, no dialog, shortmovie

With Sign Language Interpreter


Zeise 1: Monday, 12th june 2000, 5.30 pm.
Friday, 16. june 2000, 10.30 pm.

1. Divina Obsesión
Volko Kamensky, Germany 1999, 27'30 min., 16 mm, color, germ. OV, experimental documentary
2. Butt Naked
Sandra Schießl, Germany 2000, 1'57 min., Betacam SP, color, no dialog, animation
3. Friedhof der Namenlosen
Alexander Eckert, Germany 1998/99, 18'00 min., 35 mm, color, germ. OV, shortmovie
4. Auf der Reise
Lukas Scheper, Germany 1999, 8'00 min., VHS PAL, color, no dialog, musikfilm
5. Flaschengeist, Afrika
Eva-Maria Kitzler, Germany 1999, 2'00 min., 16 mm, color, no dialog, documentary shortmovie
6. Schwereslos
Ulrike Barth, Germany 1999, 5'14 min., Betacam SP, color, no dialog, animation
7. 299,99
Lukasz Roszak, Ayberk Ercetin, Germany 1999, 15'00 min., Betacam SP, color & b/w, germ. OV, shortmovie
8. Wellen ohne Wind
Gabriele Schwark, Germany 2000, 7'00 min., 35 mm, color, germ. OV, experimental
9. Die Krönung
Stefan Bronneke, Germany 1999, 7'00 min., 35 mm, b/w, germ. OF, shortmovie

Remark: All Films im Metropolis Cinema shown in subtitled versions