Silverstar by Harry Flöter und Jörg Siepmann

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Nous sommes immortels by Daniel Guyonnet

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Somersault by David MacKenzie

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Siostry by Pawel Lozinski

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Ich bin 33 by Jan Peters

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Melon Patches Anne Charlotte Robertson

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Don Juan de Türko by Özgür Yildrim

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The Jury: Marja Pallassalo, Helsinki; Ben van Lieshout, Nieuwegen (Netherlands), Stuart Banyard, Glasgow; Katharina Wolkenhauer, Hamburg; Nikolaj Nikitin, Bochum (Germany)

Hamburger ShortFilmAward (DM 5000,-)
The Hamburg Short Film Award goes to Pugalo (Scarecrow) by Alexander Kott (Russia 2000) an evocative story about the power of friendship, shot in a pure cinematographic style. This short manages to tell an intense and moving story without the need of dialogue.

François Ode Prize (DM 2500,-)
The Francois Ode prize goes to Ring of Fire by Andreas Hykade (Germany 2000), a disturbing, highly original animated film about morality...

Special Mentions
• Hongkong (HKG) by Gerard Holthuis (Netherlands 1999): For the astonishing transformation of reality by brilliant use of sound and images.
• Brother by Adam Elliot (Australia 1999): For it's dry tone humour and inventive but simple animation.
• Silverstar by Harry Flöter and Jörg Siepmann (Germany 2000): This playful tale about a man and his passion for trolleys evolves into a musical choreography in the best Hollywood tradition.

Auditory Award (DM 2500,-)
Silverstar by Harry Flöter and Jörg Siepmann (Germany 2000)


The Jury:
Corinna Schnitt, Cologne; Aija Bley, Riga;Pascal Baes, Brussels.

Jury Award (DM 2500,-)
This year's NoBudget jury has agreed to split the film prize and honour two films,which are both interesting but very different in form and content.

Siostry (Sisters)by Pawel Lozinski (Poland 1999). A documentary theatre of the absurd in one act.
Reason:The film portrays two old sisters. At its centre is a relationship between the younger and elder sister based on dominance and dependence. Using very sensitive camera movements the story is supported in the singular manner of the film aesthetic, which brings together mimicry, spoken word, gesticulation and exterior settings such as weather or location. All this creates a momentary situation that has the lightness of coincidence but at the same time conveys the complexity of being alive.
Melon Patches by Anne Charlotte Robertson (USA 1998). The extraordinary, fabulous documentation of a woman.
Reason: The film is the most recent extract from Anne Charlotte Robertson’s personal super 8 diary. She chooses her continual self-documentation - and in this case her garden work - as a strategy to survive and to overcome her suffering. In this way she becomes ever more conscious of her own existence and realises that symbols from her immediate environment are melding with her body and producing unconscious and conscious reactions.

Special Mention
Blasenstein by Ofer Avnon (Israel 1999): The filmmaker deals with an innovative, remarkable and at the same time confusing altercation with his own history and the holocaust. The main point of interest lies in the use of two clichés that are usually incompatible.
Schattengrenze (Shadow-Border) by Gunter Deller (Germany 1999) is a visually impressive montage film, which shows every day life in a very poetic way. The manner in which the filmmaker deals with light and movement creates a distinctly photographic sensuality. The very clear pictures and a nearly objective interpretation allow the viewer to relax completely.
Ich bin 33 (I am 33) by Jan Peters (Germany 2000). This amusing film is special mentioned for the courage it takes to be simple in doing art.

Audience Award (DM 2500,-)
Don Juan de Türko by Özgür Yildrim (Germany 1999)

P&S - Three Minute Quickie

Auditory Award (DM 1000,-)
Ohrwurm (Earwig) by Wolfgang Schick, Alex Blancke and Daniel Probst (Germany 2000)


Al Dente (Auditory Award)
Nous sommes immortels (We are immortal) by Daniel Guyonnet (France 1999)


Auditory Award (DM 1500,-)
Der Tag, der in der Handtasche verschwand (The Day which Disappeared in the Handbag) by Marion Kainz (Germany 1999)


Shortfilmnight in collaboration with the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung
Hanse Short 2000
, 1.Prize (DM 3000,-), Auditory Award
Ernte 23 (Harvest 23) by Rasmus Hirthe, Victoria Schwartz, Sven Mikolajewicz and Katrine Hopp (Germany 1999)
Hanse Short 2000, 2.Prize (DM 2000,-), Auditory Award
Die Krönung (The Coronation) by Stefan Bronneke (Germany 1999)

Children’s Film Festival

The Kid ’s Jury: Anika Brill (13), Lucie Iskenius (12), Henrik Diekert (11 1/2), Niklas Rakowski (10) and Inga Posny (11)

Hamburg Children ’s Film Award (DM 2500,-)
The jury decided to honour three films giving the money to the first one.
1. Somersault by David MacKenzie (Scotland 1999)
Reason:The good story is shoes how difficult it is to make the right decision in a very short time,and to make up your mind on which side you are on.
2. Jan Jusuf by Tonguc Baykurt (Germany 2000)
3. Blackout by Ari Bafalouka (Greece 1999)