Award Winners 1999


The Jury: Ronald Bergan, London; Achim Forst, Mainz; Anne Marie Kürstein, Copenhagen; Andrea Seligmann, São Paulo; John Smith, London

Hamburger ShortFilmAward 1999
1. Award "De Zone" by Ben van Lieshout (NL 1999) documentary
Reason: The first prize goes to a film from The Netherlands which leads us into an ambigous environment in an oblique and visually arresting manner. For its powerful imagery and original representation of a place set aside for sexual activity, we are pleased to give the Hamburg Short Film Prize to De Zone by Ben van Lieshout..

2. Award "Adiu Monde" by Sandra Kogut (F 1997) documentary

3. Award "Vacancy" by Matthias Müller (D 1998) experimental

François-Ode-Prize - Special Jury Award for a film which distinguishes itself through its humanitarian message

Reason: The François Ode Prize for a work with a strong humanitarian message goes to a film which confronts the oppressive position of the Kurds today through the life of an old man, leading us to also reflect on other struggles for liberation throughout the world. This deceptively simple and moving film by Kazim Öz is "Ax" ("Land").

Honorable Mentions
"Bun" by Susannah Gent (GB 1998) experimental
"Mi lyubbwi ne videli" by Murat Mamedov (Ukraine) – directed documentary
"Guy’s Dog" by Rory Bresnihan (IRL 1998) - animation

Audience Award
1. "Desserts" by Jeff Stark (Scotland 1998) short fiction
2. "Valgaften" by Anders Thomas Jensen (Denmark 1998) short fiction
3. "Home" by Morag McKinnon (Scotland 1999) short fiction


The Jury: Daggie Brundert, Berlin; Tony Hill, Derby; Knud Vesterskov, Kopenhagen

Jury Award
1. "Tsumi" by Pascal Baes (Belgium 1998) experimental documentary

Reason: There are many different ways, to tell a story. Private things are to tell, and the jury welcome it if private things are shown on a public background.
We have already seen many good and confusing films, in which the filmmakers plunge into their private spheres and using them to tell a story. The very special about "Tsumi" is, that everybody is been taking into his own private sphere. The private cease to be privat.
In the festival program "Tsumi" was wrongly declared as a "soft porno". But "Tsumi" has nothing to do with pornography: A porno is only an enacting of intimity, but what we see in this film is real and a kind of a forward glance.

2. "Tito Material" by Elke Groen (Ausria1998) experimental

3. "Bird Watching" by Shinobu Yaguchi (Japan 1998) short fiction

Honorable Mention
for the best educational film about nothing:
"Kitoajelu Eurassa" by Eura Settlement (FIN 1998) - documentary

NoBudget Audience Award

1. "Aus den Sterntagebüchern des Ijon Tichy" by Randa Chahoud, Dennis Jacobsen and Oliver Jahn (Deutschland 1998) short fiction
2. "Die Hard" by Konstantin Bronzit (Russland 1997) animation
3. "Anorexie" by Jenni Tietze (Deutschland 1999) animation

Three Minutes Quickie

Theme: "It smells bad"

Audience Award

1. "Schnee von Gestern" by Eva Sütterlin and Daniel Nocke (Germany 1999) animation
2. "Rattenskat" by Daniel Haude and Jim Lacy (German 1999) animation
3. "Pings (II)" by Pierre Coffin (Framkreich 1998) animation

Children’s Film Festival Hamburg

Hamburg ChildrenFilmAward

The Jury: Laura Argenton; Paula Holtz, Malte Müller, Ramona Pautz, Yanik Zitzmann (all from Hamburg)

1. "Bror, Min Bror" (Teis and Nico) by Henrik Ruben Genz, Dänemark
2. "Au Bout du Monde" by Konstantin Bronzit", France - short fiction
3. "Anja, Bine und der Totengräber" by Andrea Katzenberger
(Germany 1998)- short fiction


ShortFilmNight in collaboration with "Hamburgische Kulturstiftung"

HanseShort 1999

Audience Award

1. "Große Gefühle" by Sandra Schießl - animation
2. "Das Experiment" by Gregor Stockmann and Arne Zank - animation