Festivalclub/ Burning Down The House

We are looking forward to internationally renowned DJs and DJ-Sets such as Kasino Noir,
Douwe Dijkstra, Christian Weber...

The festival club is at the Kolbenhof, Friedensallee 128.

Programme 2017 Overview

Tuesday, June 6th

Tuesday June 6th | 21:00 h | Free admission

Let the Games Begin

Kluberöffnung Britpop

Wednesday, June 7st

Wednesday June 7th | 23:30 h | Free admission

You are a Popular Dolphin

DJ-Set Rastapopoulos (Winterthur) Balkan&Beats

DJ-Set Melanie Maulberg (Hamburg) Disco

Thursday, June 8th

Donnerstag, 8. Juni | 23:30 h | Free admission

You are a Success with Great Legs

DJ-Set Easygeil (Kolbenhof) Easyhouse

Friday, June 9th

Friday June 9th | 23:30 h | Free admission

You are a Wild Horse

DJ-Set Ronan Leonard (Indie Cork) Dead Cool – Musik von toten Menschen

Kasino Noir (live) 60s Pop/Soul/R’n’B

DJ-Set Spu Matu (For Dancers Only) Soul

Kasino Noir
Entertaining 60ies-Pop/Soul/R'n'B from Hamburg for swinging, snapping and freaking. Kasino Noir brings hedonistic Amargeddon wearing a cocktail dress - with the most elegant up-do since Grace Kelly. So grab your dancing shoes and put everything on red. Chin-chin!

Saturday, June 10th

Saturday June 10th | 23:30 h | Free admission

You are Ready

DJ-Set Douwe Dijkstra (Zwolle) Disco Warm-up

Maask (live) The Vocal / Beatboxer / Loopstation Guy

DJ-Set Christian Weber (Golden Pudel Club/itsoktoexplode) Disco/House/Garage

Only by making use of a self-made 8 track loop station, his voice and a strong sense of absurdity, the Dutch performer Maask creates fully developed dance tracks live on stage, from Noisia-inspired drum & bass to Major Lazeristic Dancehall to ballads from Whitney Houston and back to jazzy Ska.

Christian Weber's home port, the ›Golden Pudel Club‹, is still under water. But this is no reason not to pay a cheerful visit and flush our festival club with a melange of disco, house and garage. Motto of the evening: New York, Chicago, Altona! This is how we do it.

Sunday, June 11th

Sunday June 11th| 22:00 h | Free admission


Teamdresche (Das Festival legt auf)

The final party at Kolbenhof

The demolition party with heart and mind. On the last (very last!) evening at the Kolbenhof the festival team, only equipped with records, hard drives and speakers, is going to make the crowd dance so hard that the resulting resonant vibrations will make the remaining structures of the hall collapse or lower the whole area by several inches. This time, we are serious.

Saturday, June 10th

Saturday June 10th | 15 h | Festival Center | Free admission

Ronan’s Ringo: Music Bingo

The world's great comedy-music-intro-game-not-quiz

Ronan plays the intros to well known songs, if that band is on your sheet you cross them off (it's not a quiz, he gives you the answer via comedy clues). First to fill the sheet wins prizes! Ringo: Music Bingo, it won't change your life but it will make your day.