Award Winners 2017

International Competition

Jury: Alexandre Larose, Salla Tykkä, Miguel Valverde

Hamburg Short Film Award

Hamburg Short Film Award (Jury Award of the International Competition, 3000 Euros)


Ismaïl Bahri, France 2016, 30:00 min

Jury statement:  In a human and socio-political statement, we hear and read on an almost blank screen a daring experiment in cinematic form. The work confronts us with the obsessions and suspicions of the people towards something unusual – the work of an artist. Like magic, in the end, we really can see. The Hamburg Short Film Award goes to ›Foyer‹ by Ismaïl Bahri.

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Audience Award

Audience Award (1500 Euros), given to a short film from the International or the German Competition.

Mein Vater und Ich (My Father and I)
Ali Tamim, Germany 2016, 28:45 min

More about the film you will find here.

Deframed Competition

Jury:  Daniel Karolewicz, Juan David González Monroy, Marie Valentine Regan

Deframed Jury Award

The jury award of the Deframed competition, 2000 Euros

What Happens to the Mountain
Christin Turner, USA 2016, 12:06 min

Jury statement:  The Deframed jury awards the jury prize to ›What Happens to the Mountain‹ by Christin Turner. The jury was deeply impressed by the film’s inventive use of image and sound to place the viewer in unknown outer and inner worlds.

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Special Mention:

Roger, grand-père inconnu (Roger, Unknown Grandfather)
Zoé Rossion, Switzerland 2015, 23:23 min

Jury statement:
Due to the range of work in this competition, the jury also gives a special mention to ›Roger, grand-père inconnu‹ by Zoé Rossion, citing the film’s restrained control of interview and mise-en-scene to uncover unspoken family histories.

Mehr Infos zum Film hier.

Deframed Audience Award

Deframed Audience Award (1500 Euros), shared prize

A Dad
Robert Cambrinus, Österreich 2016, 11:00 min

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The Hollow Coin
Frank Heath, USA 2016, 12:00 min

German Competition

Jury: Willehad Eilers, Felix Grimm, Fei Zhou

Jury Award German Competition

The Jury Award of the German competition (2000 Euros), shared prize

Imbiss (Snack Bar)
Christoph Eder, Jonas Eisenschmidt, Germany 2016, 13:11 min

Zentralmuseum (Central Museum)
Jochen Kuhn, Germany 2016, 14:40 min

Jury statement:We particularly focused on finding films which break with traditional forms of narration. Films which find new ways and leave lasting impressions in the minds of the viewers. In spite of long discussions, we weren’t able to settle for a single winner – not because we saw the films in contrast and in direct competition, but because for us, they represent two poles of a single great subject matter.

The film ›Snack Bar‹ presents us with one of these on the island of Lesvos, one of the crowded points of arrival for refugees in the Mediterranean. It manages to avoid any forced political correctness through its narrative and formal structures. We were deeply impressed by the objective approach towards the subject matter. The smoothly flowing and dynamically arranged images impressively show how the state of exception at Lesvos has already transformed into European everyday life. Thus the film presents a parable in which moral and ethical principles are convincingly made tangible on a small scale.

The film ›Central Museum‹ is about a man who inherits an art museum, but eventually finds himself in danger of being suffocated by the dust of the cluttered wealth. The works need to be cared for. They are precious. Almost as precious as they are useless and pointless to most people. With great humour and fantastic dryness, the film addresses questions regarding why we are making the effort to conserve things and why and for whom we are leaving something behind. The highest goods seem to be stored at such heights by now that they lack any value for their environments. We were impressed by the film’s inherent vigour.

More infos about the film ›Snack Bar‹ you will find here.

More infos about the film ›Central Museum‹ you will find here.

Hamburg Competition

Jury: Willehad Eilers, Felix Grimm, Fei Zhou

Hamburg Competition

Jury Award of the Hamburg Competition, 1500 Euros

Der Einzelkämpfer (Lone Fighter)
Arne Körner, Germany 2017, 8:35 min

Jury Statement:  Let’s make this quick. The winner of the Hamburg Competition is ›Lone Fighter‹. It gives an insight into the life of Jürgen Blin with simple filmic means. Not least because of its protagonist’s Hamburgian dialect, the film leaves us curious for more. We tremendously enjoyed this short trip through an eventful life, and we would like to commend the film for its immediacy.

More info about the film you will find here.

Three-Minute-Quickie Competition

The Audience Award "Three-Minute Quickie" (Topic 2017: ›Resistance‹) is funded by the Hamburgischen Kulturstiftung and is worth 1000 Euros.

Audience Award Three Minute Quickie

Die Biester (Beasts)
Sandra Schießl, Germany 2017, 3:51 min

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arte-Shortfilm Award

Jury: Barbara Häbe, Catherine Colas

arte-Shortfilm Award

ARTE Short Film Award (up to 6000 Euros). Acquisition of screening rights and broadcast as part of ARTE’s short film programme.


Die Herberge (The Shelter)
Ulu Braun, Germany 2017, 14:45 min

Jury Statement:  An unreal place, half dream, half reality, which shows itself to be a meeting point for people from all epochs, is taking shape in front of us in a long planned sequence. In a nearly surreal time journey, the pictures unveil themselves as if they were painted in strong, rich colours – disturbing, unsettling and fascinating. Where is the journey going? ARTE is happy to award this year’s short film award to a politically relevant work that is treading along new paths. The award goes to Ulu Braun for his film ›The Shelter‹.

More infos about the film you will find here.