Hamburg Competition - General

Several academies and a thriving independent scene create a great environment for local short film productions. The Hamburg Competition shows a selection of the submitted productions from Hamburg in two successive programmes. All cinematic genres are represented, such as documentaries as well as experimental, fictional and animated films. The only important thing all these films have in common is that they were either shot in Hamburg or created with participation from Hamburg.

The prize for the winner of the Hamburg Competition (1,500 euros) will be awarded by the jury of the German competition.

Film Programmes Hamburg Competition

Hamburger Competition 1 - Kontrollverlust
Thursday June 7th 2018 | 19:00 | Kino Lampenlager
Saturday June 9th 2018 | 19:45 | Metropolis

Hamburger Competition 2 - Stein und Drang
Thursday June 7th 2018 | 21:15 | Kino Lampenlager
Saturday 09. Juni 2018 | 22:00 | Metropolis

Hamburg Competition 2018 in detail

The Whole World Comes to Hamburg

It started with a trembling. A nearly imperceptible stirring, apparently harmless. Soft rustling. And not even the dusty and sleepy rural idyll can hide how the slipping of control, if it’s not already too late. Still, people occasionally face this ›Loss of Control‹ in a confident manner. An insect researcher finds relief in the realization of the individual’s irrelevance, while a little boy learns how external descriptions are not necessarily binding and that not everything is black and white. The events surrounding the G20 summit in Hamburg give less reason for hope, just like the story of a family from Le Port, La Réunion, who find it difficult to escape their hometown’s violence and corruption.

Even in the face of opposition, there is always this push for something better. In ›Stone and Stress‹, there are actual rolling stones while hearts filled with longing are overcoming prison walls for sweet and fleeting moments. A young girl throws caution to the wind and sets out into the unknown, while others in the USA are long past their own point of departure. In the end, at least one dry cleaning employee emancipates herself.

This year’s path to the Hamburg Programme is particularly global. We wish you an enjoyable trip and the usual interesting discussions in the cinema hall.

Text Hanna Schneider, Lars Frehse

Film selection Tilman Bensiek, Lars Frehse, Anne Jagemann, Nadine Mayer, Hanna Schneider, Stine Wangler