Hamburg Competition - General

Several academies and a thriving independent scene create a great environment for local short film productions. The Hamburg Competition shows a selection of the submitted productions from Hamburg in two successive programmes. All cinematic genres are represented, such as documentaries as well as experimental, fictional and animated films. The only important thing all these films have in common is that they were either shot in Hamburg or created with participation from Hamburg.

The prize for the winner of the Hamburg Competition (1,500 euros) will be awarded by the jury of the German competition.

The Hamburg Competition is screened at the Metropolis and the 3001 cinema.

Film selection: Lars Frehse, Alexandra Gramatke, Ella Hebendanz, Anne Jagemann, Nadine Mayer, Stine Wangler

More infos about the programmes you will find here:

Hamburg Competition / Programme 1

Hamburg Competition / Programme 2

Hamburg Competition 2017 in detail

Hamburg! Hamburg! Hamburg!

Like any other organically grown structure, Hamburg finds itself in a state of constant transformation. Political and economic decisions directly affect the city’s appearance and the life of its residents, who have to adapt to the changing environment in order to make the best out of their lives.

In two competition programmes, experienced old hands meet fresh talents and lofty plans clash with reality. The first programme’s title ›Surface Tension‹ is mostly metaphorical when it comes to a guest house in the country side, artistic meditations, good intentions and a newly built city district, but it’s meant quite literal in the case of ›Approximation’s‹ watery cold imagery. In the programme called ›I Will Have Built‹, changing architecture is complemented by people who have already achieved a lot, but who are still far from finished. And finally, Hamburg once again proves itself to be the gateway to the world by letting its gaze wander over other parts of Germany, ranging as far away from home as exotic Bavaria.

As in the previous years, we wish our audience a memorable evening at the cinemas and lots of food for thought for the metaphorical intellectual doggy bags.

Text Lars Frehse

Film selection  Lars Frehse, Alexandra Gramatke, Ella Hebendanz, Anne Jagemann, Nadine Mayer, Stine Wangler