International Competition:
The Hamburg Short Film Award (3,000 euros) is awarded by a three-member jury.The Deframed Award (2,000 euros) is awarded by the international jury to a film which deals with reality in a poetic, formal, analytic and unconventional way while ignoring all rules in a pioneering spirit. The Hamburg Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards is awarded by the jury of the International Competition.

German Competition:
The Jury Award (2,000 euros) is awarded by a threemember jury.

Three-Minute Quickie: 
The Three-Minute Quickie is supported by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. The winner of the award (1,000 euros) is determined by the audience.

All competitions: 
The competition spanning ARTE Short Film Award consists of the purchase of one film (up to 6,000 euros) and its subsequent screening in the »Kurzschluss« programme by ARTE, the Franco-German cultural TV channel. The Audience Award (1,500 euros) is awarded to a film from the International or the German Competition.