Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg 2020 Trailer - QUARANTINE CAROUSEL by Billy Roisz from Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg on Vimeo.


I record material. I collect material. I compose my films.” Billy Roisz

»Before there were any video synthesizers, there were many kinds of oscillators. That’s what the audio synthesizers had in their guts: a bunch of oscillators. «
Woody Vasulka

Billy Roisz. Musician and film maker from Vienna and creator of this year’s trailer for the Short Film Festival. Roisz’ field is the abstract image. She generates clusters of sound and images in the dialogue with analogue devices with the help of electromagnetic signals, thus deepening the research by the artist couple Vasulka and others about working with video from the 1960’s.

Her artistic approach is decidedly physical, making her work unique. Her performative work combines movement, sound, tone, reaction, and its translation. Drowning out and over flexion stand equitably abreast, creating visual acoustic choreographies through repetition. Her sounds encounter colours that transform into lines, shift into verticals, expanding the horizontal by the plane. These oftentimes fluid dimensional shifts create a suction in which the intellectual concept finds a sensual counterpart. It is the pulse of the moment which she captures in her sculptural filmic works, translating it into colours and forms.

Since Roisz has been dealing with this technical procedure of her own device for many years now, she knows about the specific forms inherent to each sound, enabling her to imagine the body of sound as a carpet of sound. Therein garish colours are a distinctive feature, unafraid of pop and the void. The artist enters an intuitive dialogue with the machine and loads the abstract images thus obtained into the computer. There she manipulates the images and creates narrative film patterns in which horror coexists with poetry. Billy Roisz is an important experimental film maker from Austria and her work broke new soil in the research about working with video and sound.
Maike Mia Höhne

Billy Roisz (b. 1967) works as a film maker, musician, and performer. She is a co-organizer of the REHEAT festival (2007-2015) and the sporadically held institut5haus event. She received the BKA experimental film grant in 2003, the BMUKK funding award for innovative film art in 2009 and the Diagonale Award for innovative cinema in 2011. Her films “zounk!” (2012), “darkroom” (2014) and “THE” (2015, codirected by Dieter Kovacic) ran in the competition of the Berlinale Shorts.


QUARANTINE CAROUSEL - Festival trailer by Billy Roisz

Contributions by / thanks to: Silvia Fässler, Dieter Kovacic, Lena Roisz, Nikki Schuster, Carina Riedl, Katrin Plavcak, Susanna Gartmayer, Angélica Castelló, Burkhard Stangl, Lisa Kortschak, Karolina Preuschl, Greg Pope, Anat Stainberg, Taku Unami, Leo Riegler, Finn Loxbo, Anna Högberg, Cath Cullinane, Lisbeth Kovacic, eRikm, Marta Zapparoli, Liz Allbee.

From: Vienna, Berlin, Oslo, Tokio, Stockholm, Liverpool, Marseille.