Last Exit Bahrenfeld



Programme 2014 Overview

Tuesday, 3. June:
Club / doors open: 21:00

21:00 Peter Schernhuber (DJ / YOUKI)
Peter Schernhuber runs the YOUKI International Youth Media Festival in Wels, Austria and works for several festivals, such as the Crossing Europe Filmfestival Linz, the Diagonale Festival and the Vienna Design Week. Once a month he puts on his favourite records at the Viennese club Elektro Gönner.



Wednesday, 4. June:
Club / doors open: 22:00

22:00 Ronan Leonard (DJ / IndieCork)

R.I.P. it up with Ronan Leonard as he plays music that only have one thing in common… where the main person on the record is Dead. Be it Blues Brothers, Nina Simone, Richard Harris, Joy Division or Elvis, you can show your respects by listening to the music loud and dancing to it if you want! 



Thursday, 5. June:
Club / doors open: 22:00 / Facebook-Event

22:00 – 1:00 Ina Fortepiano (DJ / Barbarabar)

Ina Fortepiano frequently stands behind the turntables at Rosis and the barbarabar. Her Motown selection gets legs and hips moving and makes not only her own heart beat to the rhythm of the soul.

Danach: Christian Weber (DJ / Golden Pudel Club)
He is well known at all clubs in Hamburg and as a part of the deep-house-hootenanny ›Nicht Hupen, Fahrer träumt von Omar-S!‹ from the Golden Pudel Club. His favourite kinds of music are house, nu disco and hip hop.




Friday, 6. June:
Club / doors open: 23:00 / Facebook-Event

Ab 23h: Eurokai & Meta83 (DJ / liebe*detail)
A definite expression of their love (or ›liebe‹ in german) for the dancefloor, as well as the love of detailed and deep club music, label owners Meta.83 and Eurokai couldn't have found a better suited name for their very personal venture. 

00:30 – 01:00 Award ceremony Pilsner Urquell Hamburg Nacht

01:00 Der Bürgermeister der Nacht (live)
Der Bürgermeister der Nacht is the new band project by Fynn Steiner and Joachim Franz Büchner, who are also members of the artists collective Krautzungen. They are supported by the dada-functionary Mike Witschi aka Naomi Sample on the drums and Robin Hinnsch on film and photo. Their dissecting poetic eyes allow them to rule over the culture of going out, passions and excesses.

Approx. 2:00: Eurokai & Meta83 (DJ / liebe*detail)

Saturday, 7. June:
Club / doors open: 23:00 / Facebook-Event

23:00 Johnny Error (DJ)

When he was a young boy, Johnny liked playing his guitar best. His love for dancing lead him to electronic music and eventually he ended up playing records for other people. These days he is standing behind the turntables at places such as Bar 439, where you mostly hear different variations of house. 

01:00 Sophia Kennedy (live/Conway Records)
Born in Baltimore, Sophia Kennedy moved to Germany in the 90s, where she founded several unsuccessful bands. When she arrived in Hamburg, she began making films and performing as a solo artist. She worked with Carsten ›Erobique‹ Meyer on several occasions, and in 2013 they went on tour.

Ab ca. 2:00 RSS Disco (DJ/MIREIA RECORDS)

Three letters and three admirers of four quarter time’s warm and hypnotic effect: Beginning with house and disco they are influenced by many aspects of the cosmic history of music. Their cocktail contains down-tempo pop classics, acid disco, love-song slow house and more.



Sunday, 8. June 
Club / doors open: 22:00

20:00 Award ceremonies

22:00 Teamdresche
Towards the end of each festival, the members of the IKFF team can be found behind the turn tables. As always, these selfless heroes will make sure that once again Sunday night will be the best night of the festival for dancing.



Monday, 9. June 
Festival Centre / Facebook Event

20:00 Makino Takashi (Performance)
For further info please click here

Club / doors open: 22:00
22:00 Heiko Gogolin & Sebastian Kokus (DJ/Pingipung)
Sebastian Kokus and Heiko Gogolin from the label Pingipung play heart music, from bossa nova over Jazz to afrobeat and dub..