30 Hour Short Film Marathon

Friday, 6. June, 18 h until Saturday, 7. June, 0.00 h | Festival Centre

Five years ago we celebrated our 25th anniversary with the 25 hours of Hamburg. Since this short film endurance race was so much fun for us and the audience, we decided to simply recycle the idea for our 30th birthday. However, we are going to move the 30 hour marathon from the cinema to the festival area, and we are going to relax the rules a little. Five years ago we had a fixed stock of films, and the audience decided the sequence of films.

Now we are going to mix fixed events with surprise guests and plenty of surprise films. We are going to take off from the ›Cape of Good Mood‹ and dive for trashy pearls before facing the ›Tornado of Emotions‹. As we are bringing up interesting titbits from our VHS archive, we will reencounter ›Angelika‹, a found piece of life on Super 8, and we’re even going to reactivate historical festival programmes in the ›Make A Wish‹ category. The early hours begin with a refreshing morning toilet, before we’re going to deal with serious matters over the ›International Morning Pint‹. We are going to play a number of top-class NoBudget short films that just missed making it into the main competition. Birthday readings with musical accompaniment, eternal festival blockbusters, trailers, classics and evergreens until the beginning of the grand finale - ›There Is No Limit to the Wahnsinn‹, closing titles included. If you can make through all of the 30 hours, feel free to apply as a janitor for us next year. Free entrance!

We precautionarily thank you for your great participation over the last 30 years.