VETO Film: The Conquest of Medium Length


Saturday June 9th | 15:30 h | Festivalzentrum, Lampenlager

While lengthy films are considered to be radical, medium-length films with their similarly non-conforming length are often forgotten in the cinema.

Film and talk (90 minutes)

Moonlight (VETO Film Edition #03)

Michael Steinhauser, Germany 2015, 53 minutes, German, English subtitles

Steinhauser documents how the apartments of the deceased are being cleaned and their last, odour-causing particles are being removed. In addition, he chats with people in retirement homes, unearthing surprisingly honest stories with his obtrusive and brash style of interview. While on the surface, it’s all about death and dying, we casually encounter the last generation of contemporary witnesses of the Third Reich and dive deep into the German psyche.