Open Air

Open Air: Vorfilmtest

Thursday June 7th | 22.15 h | Festival Center, at the entrance of the basement garage (in respekt of residents we have headphones for you )

Once again, the KurzFilmAgentur’s distribution has assembled a brand new entertaining programme of possible supporting films from the thousands of submissions to the festival. The audience will have a vote for each film. The winners have a good chance to enter distribution and subsequently make it into cinemas all over Germany.

Open Air: Three Minute Quickie Competition 2018
Subject: Scandal

Friday Juni 8th | 22:15 Uhr | Festivalzentrum, Open Air

Open Air: 
You Spin Me Round (But I Don’t Feel Like Dancing)

Saturday Juni 10th | 22:15 h | Festival Center, Open Air

This open-air event will swing us towards post-disco in both space and content. We show musical oddities and weird performances from Finland to Hungary, from the Big Apple to Hamburg or directly filmed from the turntable. Surprising finds and wild happenings make taste obsolete – we enter the era of short film post-disco.

Es war einmal Once upon a Time  David Aufdembrinke • Germany 2016 • 6:42 min • Colour • German
 Kristoffer Borgli • Denmark/Norway 2012 • 14:45 min • Colour • Norwegian • English subtitles
Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore
 Mark Leckey • Great Britain 1999 • 15:00 min • Colour • English
Slaves of the Rave  William Garratt • Great Britain 2014 • 2:40 min • Colour/b&w • No dialogue
I Will Survive  Sean Roe • Great Britain 1994 • 2:10 min • Colour • No dialogue
Stuck in a Groove  Clemens Kogler • Austria 2010 • 4:10 min • Colour • English
O noapte în Tokoriki A Night in Tokoriki  Roxana Stroe • Romania 2016 • 18:00 min • Colour • Romanian • Engl. subtitles
Log Jam: Wobbling Mermaids  Alexey Alexeev • Hungary 2009 • 1:00 min • Colour • No dialogue
Best Sound  Josh Polon • USA 2014 • 6:17 min • Colour • English
Museumswärter Museum Guard  Alexander Gratzer • Austria 2016 • 2:57 min • Colour • English

Film selection Sabine Horn und Sven Schwarz


We won’t be stopped by rainy weather, lighting or hail: If all else fails, we will simply put a roof over our Open Air and move to the hall.