Three Minute Quickie

This year’s Three Minute Quickie subject is “Unknown Territories” – and that is where the journey will go. A weird, wild, troubling journey. We glide over endless oceanic masses of water and encounter a humanity in need of a planet B due to the exploitation of their natural resources. Suddenly, the Euphrates runs through Cologne and bronze statues of famous people get knocked on their heads in London. Drug abuse among domestic parrots gets mentioned as well, just like Angie’s bumpy ride into the terra incognita Internet.

A night full of films no longer than three minutes which will make us laugh and think.

Film selection: Andrea Schöler, Axel Behrens, Duygu Köysürenbars, Silja Ebeling, Tilman Bensiek, Valeska Meyer

Hamburgische Kulturstiftung