Rag Tag / Mo&Friese

Being a teenager is beautiful and exciting but can be tremendously taxing as well. After all, the life of a teenager is often a succession of emotional and identity-based crises that tend to end in doomsday scenarios. All of that is hardly surprising since teenagers need to constantly deal with sudden changes, new circumstances and unexpected webs of relationships.

Things become even more exciting when teenager cross societal and normative boundaries. When Adrián realizes he’s into boys. When Natalie would rather be called Dario. Or when Emile discovers that she’s in love with two boys at once.

In eleven short films we show silent, loud, joyful and touching stories about love, friendship, sexual identity and sexuality for teenagers aged 12 and above as well as 14 and above. Both programmes are accompanied by experts to talk about and discuss the films.

We are looking forward to presenting these two programmes alongside the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival.

Rainbow 1 (age 12+)
Wednesday, 5th of June | 10 am | (school screening)
Thursday, 6th of June |10 am | 3001 (school screening)

Rainbow 2 (age 14+)

Friday, 7th of June | 10 am | Zeise 2 (school screening)
Saturday, 8th of June | 7 am | 3001


recommended for children aged 5 and above

The idea is as old as cinema itself. When the brothers Lumière were presenting their first short films to a larger audience, there was already a piano player accompanying the silent films with music. When silent film was replaced by the talkies in the twenties and thirties, this art of setting silent films to sound disappeared as well. In TOONS’N’TUNES, Mo&Friese in cooperation with KinderKinder e.V. are bringing this nearly forgotten art form back to life. Cartoon films from the 1920s and short self-produced clips will be brought to life with live music. Enjoy with us the colourful sounds of percussion, bass clarinet, flutes, saxophone and marimba! Since this programme will not only delight children, we will also screen it in the evening for the festival’s grown-up visitors.

Music: Edgar Herzog (saxophon & clarinets), Clemens Endreß (sounds & noise), Sven Kacirek (marimba & percussion) Animation & film selection: Till Penzek. Trailer: Sönke Held. Production: KinderKinder e.V.

Wednesday, 5th of June | 7 pm | Festival Center Post, Lampenlager


Since children’s films are interesting for adults as well, we present to you a special programme with a selection of this year’s festival films. When we created the Late Night, we didn’t just have grown up children in mind, but film makers and professional audiences as well. In short: The Late Night is for all those who don’t have the time during the day and who still don’t want to miss out on children’s films.

Thursday, 6th of June | 9.45 pm | Festivalzentrum Post, Lampenlager