The motto of this year’s festival, »the creation of something original can’t be planned« was coined by the Hamburg vanguard film maker Hellmuth Costard. And when he’s right, he’s right. We show short films. We show long films because we show interesting films in interesting times. There are always films for which it is difficult to find a good spot despite festivals and cinemas and in our opinion, there are too few places for them to find an echo. Short films are by definition allowed to repeatedly invent formats, history and themselves. The new and the different are running deep in their essence. That’s why we use the time and space given to us to show films we find important. Hence the format »Wild Card«.


Wild Card: Der kleine Godard
Hellmuth Costard, BRD 1976-78, 84 min
Is it possible to make films in Germany? That’s the question Hellmuth Costard was asking at the end of the seventies. In Little Godard, he deals with the realities of making professional films in Western Germany and examines how making a proper film could be done. As it is today, thus it was yesterday: Reality is often absurd, making comparisons between the past and the present all the more interesting.

Friday, 7th of June | 7.30 pm | Metropolis

Wild Card: Knives and Skin
Jennifer Reeder, USA 2019, 111 min
Knives and Skin follows the investigation of a young girl’s disappearance in the rural Midwest, led by an inexperienced local sheriff. The ripple of fear and suspicion among the small-town residents destroys some relationships and strengthens others. This mystical teen noir presents coming of age as a life-long process and examines the profound impact of grief as the teenagers experience an accelerated loss of innocence while their parents are forced to confront adulthood failures.

Friday, 7th of June | 10.30 pm | Zeise 2
Saturday, 8th of June | 7 pm | Festival Center Post