International Competition - General

In 2019, the century has already turned 19 and the Hamburg International Short Film Festival 35. Due to its freedom to select and present films without the pressure of premieres, the festival’s international competition repeatedly has been setting standards for watching. This way, programmes were created that underline how short films, and specifically several short films together, are perfectly capable of expanding the thinking space: 1+1=5.
Prior to presenting programmes at the festival, we watch films. Every year, the decisive final phase of the screening process is reached in March. Then, one central idea inevitably shapes this selective screening: What films could possibly show up this year, with all the best films ever having already been shown at the festival last year? An important question and the kind of break that sharpens one’s consciousness, followed by intense exchanges and discussions. Slowly, the new programme emerges. A programme with stunning, enchanting and moving films. Films which keep you awake. Films which make you angry. Contact. To the point. Precise. Formally and content-wise, they have everything contemporary art needs and wants: hybrid, wild, shot on 16mm or Super-8, experimental and narrative, playful and anarchic, grounded, probing, documentary, sexy.
Especially many and preferably short. The films of the festival’s International Competition love the short form, and we love these films. The question from the beginning of the screening is now long forgotten.

Film Programmes International Competition

1 Echos from Tomorrow. Beyond Time ... A Horizon
Wednesday, 5th of June | 7 pm | Zeise 2
Friday, 7th of June | 7.45 pm | B-Movie

2 The Light of the World
Wednesday, 5h of June | 9.15 pm | Zeise 1
Friday, 7th of June | 5.30 pm | B-Movie
3 Local Lines
Thursday, 6th of June | 7 pm | Zeise 1
Saturday, 8th of June | 7.45 pm | B-Movie
4 PINKPENGU or the Cavalry's Departure

Thursday, 6th of June | 9.30 pm | Zeise 2
Saturday, 8th of June | 10 pm | B-Movie
5 Apropos de la vie
Friday, 7th of June | 8.15 pm | Zeise 2
Saturday, 8th of June | 15.30 pm | B-Movie
6 "What We Call Progress Is This Storm" W.B.
Friday, 7th of June | 10 pm | Zeise 1
Saturday, 8th of June | 8 pm | Zeise 2
7 The Key Is Buried Beyond Time

Thursday, 6th of June | 7.30 pm | B-Movie
Saturday, 8th of June | 5.45 pm | Zeise 2

8 A la recherche des vies
Thursday, 6th of June | 9.45 pm | B-Movie
Saturday, 8th of June | 10.15 pm | Zeise 2

Best of Internationaler Competition
Monday, 10th of June | 17 pm | Zeise 2