Pilsner Urquell Hamburg Night 2014 in detail

Should you rather collect chicks at low or at high tide? And does the search for absolute truth ultimately lead to the disintegration of the self? Do you have to understand art? Can excessive exercising in addition with illegal substances
save a family? What happens when a bored couple reveals their most secret wishes to each other or when a lonely hotel on a far-away island is left to itself and to nature? What’s it like to live in a forest which is surrounded by a city? And: Who did it?

We can’t promise you answers to all these questions in the films of the Pilsner Urquell Hamburg Night. What we can guarantee you is a hand-picked, diverse programme with Hamburg’s newest short film pearls. To get them, we dove
into the waters of two film schools and a great swarm of independent filmmakers.

The award for the best Hamburgian short film is sponsored by Pilsner Urquell, and its winner will be chosen by a jury this year. The award ceremony will take place right after the screening of the two programme blocks at the Kolbenhof
after midnight. The festival club’s relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to get into a conversation with the attending filmmakers.

Award ceremony: Friday, 6. June, 24.00 h, festival centre

Text: Alexandra Gramatke

Selection of films: Lars Frehse, Alexandra Gramatke, Sebastian Hofer, Nadine Meyer, Stine Wangler