The competitions of the Hamburg Short Film Festival function as seismographs for societally relevant questions and therefore allow brief glimpses into the future. Young new talents encounter well known artists. Contemporary cinema at eye level – international and national. The awards of the 35th Hamburg Short Film Festival are the following:

International Competition
The Hamburg Short Film Award (3,000 euros) is awarded by a five-member jury, consisting of Ana David, Jennifer Reeder, Pawel Wieszsczinski, Pela del Álamo and Peter van Hoof.

The Deframed Award (2,000 euros) is awarded by the international jury to a film which deals with reality in a poetic, formal, analytic and conventional way while ignoring all rules in a pioneering spirit.

The Hamburg Short Film Candidate for the European Film Awards is awarded by the jury of the international competition. The Hamburg Short Film Festival has been awarding this prize since 2019.

The Audience Award (1,500 euros) is awarded to a film from the International or the German Competition.

German Competition
The Jury Award (2,000 euros) is awarded by a three-member jury, consisting of Christoffer Olofsson, Emily Jacir and Peter Ott.

ARTE Short Film Award

The competition spanning ARTE Short Film Award consists of the purchase of one film (up to 6,000 euros) and its subsequent screening in the “Kurzschluss” programme by ARTE, the Franco-German cultural TV channel.

Three-Minute Quickie: Lost in Translation
The Three-Minute Quickie is supported by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. The winner of the award (1,000 euros) is determined by the audience.

Mo&Friese Children’s Short Film Competition   

The Friese Award (1,250 euros) is awarded by five 8 to 10 year old jury members out of the programmes for the age groups of 4 to 8. The film awarded with the Mo Award (1,250 euros) is selected out of the programmes for 9 to 14 year olds by a jury consisting of 11 to 13 year olds. Both children’s jurys select the best three films of the children’s film competition „High Five!“ (600 euros in total). The Freischwimmer Award (1,000 euros) is awarded by a youth’s jury to a film in the FreeStyle programme.


Award Show, Sunday 9th of June, Festivalzentrum Post, Lampenlager