Three-Minute Quickie Competition - General

Subject: Lost in Translation

In this competition, even the worst anti-joke will abruptly end after three minutes. After all, that’s how long Three Minute Quickies are. Furthermore, they must fit to this year’s subject “Lost in Translation”. The audience will decide who did the best job at that and will award a prize money of 1,000 Euros.

Listen up: Some of it will be Greek to you – that’s how we felt as well. But “Lost in Translation” comes in many guises. Whether it’s translation errors, interpersonal misunderstanding, linguistic barriers or cultural transfer: Expressing yourself can often be difficult. Even Scarlett Johansson has a cameo in the 26 selected films, and we get a chance to learn about the physical interpretation of the term “translation”. When the way to the inside is too long, you might even get a branch smack into the kisser. And in the end, everything is blown out in a trashy manner. Nuff said.

The »Three-Minute Quickie Competition« is supported by the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. The winner will receive 1,000 Euros (awarded by the audience).

Film selection: Axel Behrens, Tilman Bensiek, Silja Ebeling, Duygu Köysürenbars, Anna Leimbrinck, Andrea Schoeler

Film Programmes Three-Minute Quickie Competition

Three-Minute Quieckie Competition/ Subject: Lost in Translation
Wednesday, 5th of June | 7 pm |  Lichtmeß
Friday, 7th June | 10.15 pm | Festival Center, Open Air
Saturday, 8th of June | 5.45 pm | Zeise