Performance by Makino Takashi

(with Nelly Boyd Ensemble Hamburg)| Monday 9. June | 20.00 h | Festival Centre

His film ›2012‹ won the Hamburg Short Film Award of the International Competition last year. In 2014 Makino Takashi will honour us with the German premiere of his newest work in sound and video. It’s a performance with several layers of film and video materials. Robert Engelbrecht and Jan Feddersen will develop the sound layer live. All these layers will then be synthesized into impressive noise images. The viewer will be lead onto a journey into the subconscious that will appear to explode into the granulation of the film material.

Makino Takashi: »I attempted to not only overcome the limitations of film making but to leave them completely behind. Due to the developments in digital technology I can now superimpose more than 10,000 layers over each other, where until last year, I was only able to do so with no more than 100 layers. The planetary nebula called ›Phantom Nebula‹ is many light years away and with its undefined, flowing and constantly changing form, this phenomenon closely resembles my image structures. Though
my previous compositions had rather fixed structures, not unlike stars or cells, I can now make them look like nebulas
or organs thanks to the new possibilities in superimposition.«

Over the course of the last ten years Takashi has become one of Japan’s most important experimental film makers. After studying cinematography he mostly dealt with film music and lighting design. He has been regularly showing his own works since 2004.

Musical accompaniment Nelly Boyd Ensemble (Hamburg): Robert Engelbrecht and Jan Feddersen are members of the Nelly Boyd Kreis. They regularly perform as a duet and they organise the annual klub katarakt festival at Kampnagel. Their compositions for duets contain improvised parts and concentrate on drones as well as pure mood, glissando glides and stereophonic sound.