Big Booze Bang V

A spectre is haunting the short film festival — the spectre of the Big Booze Bang.
By now the raucous, boozy, musical and frankly demented film night is already celebrating its fifth anniversary, and still it’s eluding all defining attempts of interpretation. The things happening to its shell-shocked audience are best compared to psychedelic fever dreams: Demented musical presentations which hardly pass as performance by any meaning of the word are followed by weird games from the twilight realm beyond delirium tremens and children’s parties for toddlers. The short films are actually pretty decent, but then of course there’s the booze. Oh, the booze. Come a-flocking and maybe together we can finally figure out what the hell we are doing or what any of this is all about.

Night of Friday to Saturday June 7th/8th | 0:30 h | Festival Center, Lampenlager