What are you supposed to do when you’re involved in the planning of a bank robbery without having been asked first? What if you need an appointment at the barbershop during the apocalypse, just so you can get laid one last time? When the two geezers from next door open a portal to hell and you’re the one who’s got to pay for the whole mess?

The annual SHIVERS film festival with its short film competition “SHIVERS Shorts” has been answering these questions and more at the Zebra Kino Constance since November 2015. Every year, the festival team selects roughly two dozen contentually diverse films from hundreds of candidates. The films range from atmospheric horror films over outlandish splatter orgies, black comedies, sci-fi thrillers, bizarre animations and everything else that is sufficiently over the top. Everything the genre film audience loves and enjoys is welcome.

Now the SHIVERS team has been looking through the films of the previous years, presenting some of the highlights of the programmes from 2015 to 2018 on two nights at the Short Film Festival Hamburg. It will be wild, and that’s a promise.

Film selection: Stefan Schimek


Open Air: SHIVERS 1 – Humans, Animals, Mutations
Friday, 7th of June | 11.59 pm | Festival Center Post, Underground Parking Entrance

Open Air: SHIVERS 2 – Apocalypses and Other Nuisance

Saturday, 8th of June | 11.59 pm | estival Center Post, Underground Parking Entrance