Aerial Images with the Octocopter


Saturday 7. June | 15 h | in front of Hall 5, Festival Centre

For the longest time, flight was nothing more than a dream for independent film makers. You needed helicopters with elaborate and expensive camera systems for aerial images, which meant that only major film productions or TV stations could afford it. But remote-controlled drones with adequate camera mounts make comparable images possible for only a fraction of the costs!
Whether it’s faster dollies, higher cranes or flying steady cams: In this workshop, helicopter pilot Jan Evers and cinematographer Lars Pfeiffer give insights into the new possibilities with flying cameras: from car chases over the staging of buildings to cruise liners. Possible fields of application are sketched out at a flight presentation and we give insights into the workflow with flying cameras.
Furthermore the speakers are going to talk about the requirements for a legal use of the technology, from the permissions to the take-off. Many suppliers on the market don’t care a lot about the regulations of the aviation authority and fly without permissions or insurance. This workshop intends to create an awareness for the responsible use of this technology.