Less script, more freedom? On cinematic improvisation

Friday 6. June | 12 h | NoBudget Hotel, Festivalzentrum

In cooperation with Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Creative Europe Desk Hamburg

Writing plots is a hard way of earning a living. Everybody who ever tried to write a script in private knows that much. But the plot of a film doesn’t have to manifest itself on a desk. There are always films with dialogues and plots which aren’t based on a script, but on improvisation. Is this process more authentic and creative or merely more exhausting and chaotic? We would like to talk to directors and actors about their experiences with different forms of improvisation and about their different approaches towards work. Among the expected guests are Lili Thalgott (›Heiligabend mit Hase‹, ›Endspiel‹) and Jakob Lass (›Love Steaks‹).