Continue - Repetition and Variation: The Serial Principle

Thursday, 5 June | NoBudget Hotel, Festival centre
Screening: 12.30 h
Panel: 14.00 h

In cooperation with German Film Institute

After having dealt with different forms of short film distri- bution and presentation in the last years, we are going to turn our focus back on the work itself this year. For this we chose a subject which became of increasing interest to us, both professionally and personally, over the last years: Serials.
This panel isn’t mainly concerned with different mani- festations and narrative techniques of popular TV shows, but rather with the formats and principles of serials in the expanded context of audio-visual art and naturally short films. What is the motivation for visual artists and film makers to work in serials, and what is the attraction for viewers and audiences? What kind of new aesthetics as well as economic opportunities and risks do serials create in contrast to singular works? What kind of parallels, inter- sections or differences of serials can be seen in different forms of media and art? And how does the essence of serials, namely repetition and variation, relate to the idea of the unique auratic work of art? The dimension of time is important, too: What are the intervals between parts of a series? And what are the wishes of the artists in relation to the reception of their serials: Should they be watched in intervals or as a continuum?

Before the panel there will be a screening of films by Mårten Nilsson and Thomas Mohr:

›The Winged Earth‹ (Thomas Mohr), ›We’re different now‹ (Mårten Nilsson), ›Gedankenstrich(e)-Hanne Darboven‹ (Thomas Mohr)

Panel Members
Prof. Dr. Christine Blättler, University of Kiel, Managing director of the Department of Philosophy
Dr. Bernhard Gleim, North German Broadcasting Corporation, Managing editor for film, family and serials
Thomas Mohr, video artist
Mårten Nilsson, filmmaker
Stefanie Plappert, freelance curator, German Film Museum

David Kleingers – German Film Institute


The panel will be held in English language.