Shorts and queers

Thursday, 5 June | 11 a.m. | NoBudget Hotel, Festival Centre

This workshop will open a new queer perspective on short film, oscillating between politics of identity and transgressions of limitations. We intend to interpret ›queer‹ in its double meaning: as synonymous with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intergender cinematic art, but also as an opportunity and an instrument to lay bare conventions and norms, to investigate fractures within the system and to present alternatives. It is about fluid bodies (and their limitations), strategies of representation, queer interpretations, but also about questions regarding production, festival programming and distribution: How can films (even the unexpected ones) circulate in different festival contexts and circuits and take on new meanings in the process?

Dagmar Brunow teaches film in Sweden, works on Hamburgian video collectives and is a member of the programme group at the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival.

Skadi Loist teaches film at the universities of Hamburg and Rostock, is a co-founder of the Film Festival Research Network (FFRN) and works on queer films and festivals.