Guerilla Lighting

Friday 6. June | 15 h | NoBudget Hotel, Festival Centre

In a civilian context, the term ›guerilla‹ indicates a fast and unexpected approach. Two examples for this would be ›guerilla marketing‹ and ›guerilla filmmaking‹. ›Guerilla lighting‹ means speed and a meagre input – a ›backpack full of luminescent material‹ is usually sufficient.  While the existing light is usually blocked or shadowed, it is almost always an integral part of the illumination in ›guerilla lighting‹. It is one of several light sources that enter the design concept. This source of illumination can be used for work like any other, and you don’t even have to carry it around with you!

Author, film maker and reader Achim Dunker holds this work shop on the occasion of the sixth edition of the basic work ›Die chinesische Sonne scheint immer von unten. Licht- und Schattengestaltung im Film‹ (UVK).