ALIAS YEDERBECK – Expanded Animation Cinema

Lecture and project presentation by Frank Geßner

Wednesday 4. June | 13.00 h | NoBudget Hotel, Festival Centre

Frank Geßners polystylistic ›Expanded Animation Cinema‹ ›ALIAS YEDERBECK‹ entangles elements of fine arts with media art as well as film, video, animation and sound into an extraordinary cinematographic major installation. ›ALIAS YEDERBECK‹ is a hybrid ›aut(h)o(r) construction‹ that aims at making conceptual and processual structures of the artistic work genesis come alive sensually.
In the context of ›Potsdam 2011 – City of Film‹, Geßner and a supporting team staged twelve nonlinear panoramic film sequences under the fictive pseudonym or heteronym Paul Yederbeck (1965 – 2001): ›Entertainer‹, ›Flaneur‹, ›Zuschauer‹, ›Schauspieler‹, ›Auflösung‹, ›Projektion‹, ›Anima Techne‹, ›Transzendentale Animation‹, ›Happy End‹, ›Doppelgänger‹, ›Reminder‹, ›The End‹ (12 channel video, 63.00 min) and the artist’s video ›Qu’est-ce que Monsieur Teste?‹ (1 channel video, 26.00 min).

This hybrid artistic research project was released as a virtual/interactive panorama installation on DVD by RE:VOIR Paris in February 2014. The DVD edition isn’t a mere replica of the original panorama from Potsdam, but rather the cross media interface for a planned ›ALIAS YEDERBECK_2.0‹ project.
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With the friendly assistance of the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (HfBK).

The lecture will be held in german language.