Big Booze Bang 3

Night of Friday to Saturday June 9th/10th | 0:30 h | Festival Center, Physikalisches Labor | Free admission

After last year’s long-established senators, rowdy Elvis imitators and squirrely squeezebox soloists, the Big Booze Bang will enter its third phase, and once again the bizarre, boozy and bawdy intimate get-together will provide plenty of weird films, grotesque music and questionable refreshments. Furthermore, the Bizarro Rat Pack once again stocked up plenty of surprises for the audience.

On top of all that, we once again won’t allow the audience any respite between all these breath taking pinnacles of entertainment by challenging and rewarding the whipped up masses with our super exciting quiz segments.

The most unique (and for once, the superlative is actually correct) event of the festival season. If you miss it, you’ll probably regret it for the rest of your life