Die Leiden des alten Senators

A big shortfilm in 52 acts

Saturday June 10th | 22:00 h | Physikalisches Labor, Festival Center

Die Leiden Des Alten Senators | Willehad Eilers | Germany 2016/2017 | German | English subtitles

A man stands in Bremen. He’s deeply in his cups, and has been for the last 52 weeks.

The great weekly video series ›Die Leiden Des Alten Senators‹ will conclude after 52 episodes.

On this occasion, you’re invited to have a drink or two with the senator. We’re clicking glasses, a new day begins.

I, Willehard Eilers, applied a lot of effort in order to line up and edit all these episodes.

The result: breath taking.

Together, we will conquer Maus.

She’s always acting that way, but she doesn’t mean it like that. We learn that together. Draught by draught.

Come, be there. Why not.

Come, please.

›Die Leiden Des Alten Senators‹ is a 52-part video series loosely based on Goethe’s ›The Sorrows of Young Werther‹. It was shot in Bremen and published online at a weekly pace.

Willehad Eilers’ Werk umfasst Videokunst, Zeichnungen, Performances und Installationen, die sich durch ihre lyrische Qualität, einen spielerischen Humor und ihre Ausdruckskraft auszeichnen.