The Staplerfahrer Klaus One Minute Remix Competition

Saturday Night June 11th | 02:00 h | Festival Center, Physikalisches Labor

17 years of Staplerfahrer Klaus makes a nice enough anniversary for us to celebrate! On this occasion, we sent out a homework assignment to a number of chummy festivals and film makers from all over Europe. We assigned one minute from the original ›Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the Job‹ to each participant, which they subsequently remixed. Everything goes. We’re expecting remixes, remakes, interpretative dances, animations, experimental bits or completely different things. The end result will be a completely new, very ›European‹ and probably rather trippy version of the Staplerfahrer. The audience decides which minute got reinterpreted the best and will award the ›Golden Forklift Driver‹. (And don’t worry; naturally we’re going to set the mood with the original film, as well).