The One Minutes: The Sandberg Series

Saturday, June 10th | 15 h | Festival Center, Physikalisches Labor

Every month, The One Minutes puts out a new series of one-minute films that investigate how we perceive and engage with moving image. Museums and cultural organisations around the world subscribe to the series. Each month, a different artist is asked to put together a new series as a guest curator. Guest curators have access to The One Minutes collection and also send out an open call for submissions.

›The Sandberg Series 2016‹ features 36 One Minutes by Sandberg Students. Please enjoy a panorama of live mixed frequencies, a guided meditation, an advert for a brand new luxury drone line and the trailer of TSUNAME (Transdimensional Society for Universal Narcissistic and Metaphysical Expansion).

01 Sajeria | Shih Hui Hung, Lia Satzinger
02 Ethereality | Elise Ehry, Kitty Maria van Ekeren
03 I'm not sure what's going to happen now | Roos Groothuizen

04 Ohrmuschel | Mona Steinhäußer

05 Loading | Thom van Hoek
06 Talking to my better self  
| Alexander Sand
07 Cleaning the tap | Kristoffer Zeiner Christiansen, Nadjim Bigou, Neeltje ten Westenend
08 rehearsal | Margret Wibmer
09 Loui Meeuwissen | Tableau of Relics  

10 Gaetano Cappella Pan-orama I | Alberto Valz Gris, Nicola Baratto

11 The Plastic Soup | Gerda Postma, Karime Salame

12 Trash from my basement | Vera de Pont
13 Internet_by_Proxy | Roos Groothuizen, Cyanne van den Houten

14 Breathe | Yu Minhong
15 Aux Origines de La Cure |  
Vera Hofmann
16 The Power of Transparency | Yu Minhong
17 Waxidermy |  
Hallie Abelman
18 Do it again | Aurélien Lepetit
19 Homeland | Andrea Karch

20 My passport is better than yours | Thijs van de Loo
21 Sunset | Carole Cicciu

22 Expanding our luxury line with new drones | Mary Ponomareva
23 Optimizer | Karime Salame Sainz

24 Excerpt of ›Playing together so much better‹ | Neeltje van Westenend
25 Slightly Off | Lien Van Leemput

26 Japanese Cold Fish | Juri Suzuki
27 Fairytail  | Ruben Baart

28 36 Questions | Gui Machiavelli
29 Lost in sights | Daniel Seemayer

30 Teaser Trailer for TSUNAME (Transdimensional Society for Universal, Narcissistic and Metaphysical Expansion) | Anna Reutinger, Kitty Maria van Ekeren, Yanik Balzer
31 The One Minutes | Rafael Kouto

32 #ACCELERATE | Biyi Zhu
33 I knead the overflow while beeing watched by you | Angelo Rrem

Suck Arie |  Shih Hui Hung
35 The One Minutes | Gerrit Jan Vos
36 Sorry, but horses... | Angelo Rrem

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