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The ›Wurfsendung‹ film competition

Saturday June 10th | 17:00 h | Festival Club

›Wurfsendung‹ (Circular) is Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s ultrashort format for radio art. Since 2004, the audio pieces of 45 seconds or less have been part of the daily programme, where they are being broadcast without any fixed time slots between interviews, music and reports. They are thrown into the programme as food for thought and to surprise, amuse and vex the listeners.

Wurfsendung has been searching for the limitations of radio art and new voices for a long time, hosting live shows and writing contests as well as going to different countries and learning strange tongues.

Sound seeks image. Radio play seeks film, sound seeks colour. We are curious to find out what will happen when an acoustically dense soundtrack goes picture hunting. While film can sometimes rely on quiet calm in order to let the pictures speak for themselves, Wurfsendung sets a fast narrative pace. What will it produce? Illustrated radio plays? Counterpoints? Abstractions, caricatures, irritations?

The film makers and video artists had 20 pieces of sound art from two series at their disposal: ›Exoplanets: Blueprints for Possible Worlds‹ from Frieder Butzmann’s ›Studio für Komische Musik‹ are ten pieces located somewhere between whimsical space opera and astronomical facts. ›Le Petit Compositeur‹ are short musical numbers about filter coffee, supermarket queues, and civil courage by Thomas Pigor and Rainer Rubbert.

›Sound Seeks Image‹ has been introduced for the first time in 2017 in cooperation with the Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival.

Susanne Burg, film editor at Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Birgit Glombitza, artistic director of the Hamburg International ShortFilmFestival
Nathalie Singer, professor for experimental radio at Bauhaus University, Weimar.

Deutschlandfunk Kultur cordially invites all Wurfsendung fans and enthusiasts to the award ceremony on Saturday, 10 June, at 5 pm at the festival centre with award winners, the Wurfsendung team and refreshments.

Project manager Wurfsendung Julia Tieke